USAG Illustrated Guides for Men's JO Compulsories

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    MAG Coaches, gymnasts, and parents,

    In mid-November, 2013 Ganba Gymnastics and USA Gymnastics finalized vetting of - and a licensing agreement for, sales and distribution of the Illustrated Guides. This is a project that I have been working on since shortly before the 2012 Summer Olympics. The results are a set of high resolution sequenced illustrations for all JO MAG events for Levels 3-7. These sets are current with update 3 released on October 1, 2013. As future updates are made purchasers will receive free updates thru out the 2013-2016 cycle.

    The Level 3 Guide is available as a free download. The Level 4-7 Guide is available to coaches for $40; Currently certified NGJA Judges receive a 50% discount ($20 - just indicate your NGJA certification in comment box). Any individual Guide (between 4 & 7) is available for $10 per level and 100% of these purchases will go to the Save Temple University Men's Gymnastics fund pending approval by Temple's coach Fred Turoff.


    Please spread the word.
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