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New Profile Posts

  1. aksaunders
    Proud father of a level 10 gymnast who trains under Olympic coach, Christian Gallardo, at Future Gymnastics Academy in Blacklick, Ohio.
  2. skschlag
    Gearing up for his 1st L10 season!
  3. yousef attia
    yousef attia usnagymnasts11
    i just wanna really be able to do lots of different hard skills on floor and appartus like giants on high bar and tumbling paths on floor with back layout at the end of the path. it would really be great to receive advices and help from you and for how to develop and make a good progress in the sport. Just to say, i quit competitve swimming last week ,and i have good flexibilty and good strength.
  4. yousef attia
    yousef attia usnagymnasts11
    hello coach, iam 17 years old boy and am starting gymnastics next week. it would be great to receive advices from you and learn from your experience. i already can do handstand, bridge,backbend,front and side split. i can also do cartwheel and roundoff. iam staring on day 15 ,and i will be taking 5 classes a week 2hours/2hours+30min each.
  5. Along4theRide
    Along4theRide Seeker
    Hello, Seeker. I'm interested in join the Optional 8-9 Parents social group. My daughter will be competing JO 8 this season and I'm sure I will have a bunch of questions! How do folks get added to that group? Thanks for your help!
    1. Along4theRide
      I just realized that my inbox was full. So of you sent a message and it bounced, my apologies! I deleted old messages, so it should be good now.
      Oct 29, 2017
  6. EvaB
    EvaB MrsE
  7. lizmcnett
    lizmcnett GYM0M
    Can I be added to the group please.
  8. gym-mom622
    gym-mom622 GYM0M
    Can I be added to the TOPS social group please?
  9. Kkrrmt
    Proud mom of Level 8 gymnast
  10. honu
    honu Seeker
    Could you add me to the 8/9 Social group? DD will be competing first year of level 9 this year. Thanks!
  11. momstrong
    Mom of brand new level 3 DD (10) - first meet season! and DS (13) baseball
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  12. momstrong
    Mom of brand new level 3 - first meet season!
  13. orsacchiotto
    problem, i have a problem
  14. orsacchiotto
    orsacchiotto sewgood
    my best son a sort of homecoming
  15. orsacchiotto
    orsacchiotto sewgood
    my very very best group u2
  16. orsacchiotto
    orsacchiotto sewgood
    it's all right with you?
  17. orsacchiotto
    orsacchiotto sewgood
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  18. orsacchiotto
    orsacchiotto sewgood
    do you know italians musician?
  19. orsacchiotto
    orsacchiotto sewgood
    led zeppelin i prefere
  20. orsacchiotto
    orsacchiotto sewgood
    pink floyd my best group