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    Team Gym

    Thank you, On another forum someone told me they already have training in floor, but knowing they have confidence on the tramp too helps a lot, T&T is a scary sport so I am glad she is brave. Someone also told me they do vault so i am going to evaluate her skills on both vault and floor and work...
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    For Coaches Team Gym

    Hi, I have a gymnast aged 13 and she is coming from the Teamgym program at my gym. She came and I told her to work on conditioning. I am not familiar with Teamgym and I had no idea how I should even begin to transition her. If anyone can help me figure how to do the switch between artistic and...
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    Team Gym

    I have a gymnast who comes from level 8 Team Gym, she wants to do artistic now. She is 13 and we have a gym in Great Britain. What skills should i do to progress her into full on artistic? I need help for every aspect of this journey because I have never coached someone from another sport.
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