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    What exactly is TOPs Program?

    I was in TOPs for three years. I liked it alot. I went to nationals twice.
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    More Giants!!!

    I think I was like 9 when I started doing them. I did them on the single rail bar first. then I did them on the strap bar and stuff. I started competing them when I was 10ish maybe 9. lol I don't remember. I was a level 7.
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    grips: buckle vs. velcro, ten.o vs reisport ?

    I personally like double buckle grips. single buckle grips hurt my wrists pretty bad. and I've always used bailies. I just got through buying new ones actually! lol I got them in like last week. I had to get 3's! haha. I was like geeze!!
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    How long do you keep your floor music for?

    at my gym you can keep your floor music for as long as you want and you can pick whatever you want. but our coach has to make sure that it fits you. lol like if you are totally powerful and not flexable and pick a ballet song she is going to veto that really quick. hahahaha.
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    I started doing bridges when I was 15 months old. hahaha. It never bothered me. and yes. I have been doing gymnastics for about 14 1/2 years. I'm going to be 16 in 12 days :D
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    R U Going To State-- Where, Level & Date

    I'm a level 10. :)
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    How do you qualify for USAG regionals?

    it isn't very hard to make it to level 9 & 10's regionals because state isn't a very big meet. all you have to get is a 34.0. regnionals trying to make it to nationals or westerns/easterns are our "big" meet. but for 8's state is the big meet because all they do is go to regionals. for them to...
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    R U Going To State-- Where, Level & Date

    on sunday I had state. I did pretty good. I got my highest aa of the season. so next I'm going to regionals in Kansas and I'm going to try to make it to Nationals in Florida!
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    R U Going To State-- Where, Level & Date

    regionals is in Kansas and Nationals are in florida! I'm really excited. not really about the kansas part because that is kind of boring. but yeah. haha.
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    R U Going To State-- Where, Level & Date

    I'm going to state this weekend. It's Texas, level 10, and umm march ummm 30th. :D
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    To SPOT or NOT????

    I don't think that lower level gymnasts need spot (5,6,7) but the upper levels have harder skills with more risks of being hurt. I would much rather be safe than sorry. I don't think there is anything wrong with coaches spotting at meets. just as long as its not their competition set. I always...
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    Do you have a say in your daughters Floor Music?

    our coaches always lets us choose. my coach has never actually had a say. hahahha. my last lets see 4 routines my mom found some music and I really liked it. so we bought it and brought it in the gym and was like ok hopefully ya'll like it. hahhaa. but I have been a dancer for 13 years. so we...
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    where is a good place for leos?

    yeah. that's exactly what happened to us. like I think 3 years ago or so we had dreamlight leos. it was horrible!!!
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    How many hours do you train?

    I'm a level 10 and during the summer I work out 31 hours. but all the rest I work out 25 hours a week.
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    when I get a rip I put on vitamin E oil and corn huskers lotion. then I put socks over my hands so they lotion crap doesn't get over everything when I sleep. hahaha.
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