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  1. aerials

    International Elite Fav Gymnast

    Old school? Ekaterina Szabo. Current - Maggie Nichols, with everything she has gone through how can you not love her. I have no idea on the team for Tokyo.
  2. aerials

    For Parents Athlete A

    Wow! Trailer for Athlete A. Pretty powerful...I cried :( Coming June 24th https://www.youtube.com/embed/JzeP0DKSqdQ?start=10&fbclid=IwAR09WJdVmjJ23UzzP-JPx4ORd-57CS1A1lFFjWZH-VT5VZ_iId4WAXHoJ_A
  3. aerials

    Return to gym stories

    So 4 practices in and she still has her FLO, giants, full and all of her beam skills. She is pretty happy. :)
  4. aerials

    For Parents So disappointing...

    Yep it started with my daughter on the bus in Kindergarten. She is a minority and I am not. I have talked with her about race since she was a baby but I'll never really know what it's like. We have tried to give her many ways to connect to her ethnicity throughout the years. I would say...
  5. aerials

    Return to gym stories

    Mine went back this week, level 8 or 9. She said front tumbling and bars were the roughest. Oh and she is sore...... :)
  6. aerials

    Gym opening data in the US by state

    This is from Ohio:
  7. aerials

    Gym opening data in the US by state

    I think you are south? I'm up north ;)
  8. aerials

    Gym opening data in the US by state

    I've heard from one gym in our area that they are opening on May 26th! Waiting to hear from others
  9. aerials

    International Elite Maggie Haney suspended

    This!! I also know of a coach that has multiple complaints and...nothing from USAG the gym doesn't have elites either...so I guess those girls are not important enough for USAG
  10. aerials

    What's your best guess at what next season will look like?

    THIS...I so agree with you. There has been no strategy so far. We should have had a single strategy to build up testing and contact tracing for the entire country. I'm not smart enough to know who would handle it...FEMA? CDC? ... we can still do it but we have wasted time
  11. aerials

    Who is still paying their gym fees?

    I vote no because our gym is not currently charging us anything. Once they start start invoicing us again I will pay.
  12. aerials

    Post season meets and Coronavirus

    Almost all of our gyms here are offering daily workouts through Facebook, Insta, ... ever since the state ordered all gym and recreation centers to close. You can even work out with Dominique Moceanu. :) All Vets and Dentists have been ordered to emergency services only here to save PPE (face...
  13. aerials

    For Parents Coronavirus

    Closed - here in Ohio our governor has shut down lots of stuff
  14. aerials

    For Parents Best strong hold hair products!

    Hairnet...my dd has long extremely thick hair and the only way it could keep a bun is if I used a hairnet. We also used a donut but I'm not sure if that is needed...it was for her since her hair is so thick. No amount of product will keep it in you need a something physical. Also using the...
  15. aerials

    High School Gymnastics

    It seems that the HS experience can be very different depending on what state you live and also where in the state you live. We are in Region 5 as well but I really think the experience is dependent on where you live within the state since most of the meets are local. My dd just finished her...