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    Xcel Gold Floor

    Ask your coach because some gyms have different expectations with tumbling, but some possibilities include: - fhs- roundoff -fhs-fhs -front tuck- roundoff Second tumbling pass: -Ariel -front tuck
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    What are you thankful for?

    I know thanksgiving already passed, but what are you thankful for going into 2020? (gym or non gym related) I'm thankful to live close to my gym, and to have supportive parents who have driven me basically every destination known to man along, and always attended meets with a video...
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    Over Split Question

    I agree with the above, that would *gasp* HURT and not be effective.
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    Very few XD gymnasts

    Something I've noticed so far this season is that there are very few xcel diamonds in our area. At our last meet, there were 1200 gymnasts and only 12 of them were diamonds. On the other hand, platinum is a pretty competitive level and at big meets there are usually 100+ of them. Anyone know why...
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    Ex-Gymnast Turned Cheerleader

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    Xcel Is 13 too old for xcel silver

    Nope! There are a lot of older xcel girls in our area.
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    Flare exercises

    I can't help but that's a really cool skill, good luck :)
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    Quad flyaway

    That's insane!
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    I can't kickover!!!

    It takes some time, but just think about pushing as hard as you can off of your leg, pulling your hips over your shoulders, and pushing through your shoulders.
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    Rip Trouble (I need quick answers)

    You can email your coach and ask to do something else or conditioning during your private. If you think it'll hurt to use it for anything you should probably just stay home.
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    Help With Splits

    Thanks for the reply! Yep, I do lunges, pidgeon, pike, etc. I've seen some improvement, so I'm going to keep working!
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    Help With Splits

    Hmm I think I've heard of that, but I don't think I've learned. I've pretty much got right and left so now it's just middle. Thanks for the help!
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    Artificial intelligence will assist judges

    Hmm. I skimmed the article, but I have mixed feelings about this. I've always kind of secretly liked that you could fake it and make the judges believe it. I guess we'll have to see how this goes!
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    Good for him!
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    International Elite 2024 Olympics

    Yay! I had mixed feelings about a four person team.
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