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    Most embarrassing/scariest moment during a meet

    In bars warm up my l8 dd was warming up hands slipped hit both legs on bar and fell back on ground. Pretty scary but got up and competed fine.
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    Different Forms of Competition

    Well then what is the difference with Aau and taaf?
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    For Parents Afraid of coaches?

    It depends on the coach dd has had one that we would disagree have hard candid conversations yet he really cared for dd and we were still friends. Then other coaches have presented themselves as off limits or don't want to be involved with the parental aspect. As a teacher I know how important...
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    For Parents Regrets

    I too hate the toxicity we were at a toxic gym especially the parents and same situation I've lost friends and my dd has to deal with friends whose parents are jealous if her all bc my dd is talented. I have learned to distance myself and am thankful none if the girls at our new gym are at the...
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    Changing gyms at optional levels?

    We just went through with this my daughter is training level 9. We had many reasons for wanting to switch which I won't get into We went to new gyms tried out by letting dd practice with them a few days met with coach and asked questions etc. then we made a decesion and informed our prior gym...
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    Help full turn beam too fast

    She's still struggled at time on floor but its more consistent. She had trouble when she first learned her turns on beam then had been fine now has problems again. They tried having her do a 1,5 on beam instead but she isn't good at those either I think she is just week in the area as turns as...
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    Help full turn beam too fast

    Thanks! I agree she needs to change something and she has been trying hard to figure it out she spends extra time by self on beam when they go to break and stuff because she wants to fix it. I think part if it is she is a hands on learner not auditory so if a coach could show her what to do she...
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    Help full turn beam too fast

    Ok my dd has been doing full turns on beam For about two years starting a few months ago she has been going too fast and falls most of the time she is beyond fustrated and has had several coaches help her they just say slow down. She says she doesn't know how. Any ideas??
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    For Parents Help Leo addiction

    Hi! as For GymCritter just go to They have my available fabrics listed which are about 15$ each or They are doing a special that ends today but three Leo's get one free you get to pick any fabric you want from spandexworld or spandexhouse for this special these start...
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    TOPS question about press handstands

    In past it was five for ages 7 &8 and 10 for 9&10 for both state and national
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    For Parents Bar shorts?

    Try when I orders some Leo's from there I got matching bar shorts they are 10$ each
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    Should I go to Nationals

    I agree we have decided against doing some meets for this reason. If your not able to be competitive to win it becomes very expensive and ends up bring just a vacation. But if money is not an issue due to fundraising and such I say go! Or at least go for the one your better at!
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    Good Places to Buy Good Leo's

    Her site is She also lets you pick out fabric you want and will order it for you. And does custom measurements so you get a Leo that is sized right
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    Good Places to Buy Good Leo's

    I have bought down Leo's from GymCritter. She's a member of the board and does great work! Very reasonable prices and the Leo's are great quality by dd prefers them to many of the name brands. She even made our teams practice Leo's for the summer. I also have a daughter in cheer and she loves...
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