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    Faehn in Australia?! Well this is news.

    Well, that is interesting. It certainly hasn't been widely advertised that she has taken on a coaching role over here in Australia. Waverley is the club of choice for many aspiring international gymnasts here in Victoria and they have a reputation for bringing in the best coaches and churning...
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    For Coaches Beam- Floor Work vs Beam Time

    I have a rotating schedule that depends on time of season - however, most often there is at a minimum; 1 x basics session ( high reps, all acquired / compulsory skills, session completely on beams unless carrying an injury) 1 x routine dev session (working clean comp routines and upgraded...
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    For Parents Floor music help

    Here is the full instrumental version; It would be easy enough to cut a floor music piece from this. It wouldn't be identical, but certainly a similar vibe. :)
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    For Parents Anyone have a gymnast out there suffering processing/planning issues??

    Thank you PinPin. The basic fact is, I work for the gymnasts. No one else. If I'm not working with them and for them, whats the point? And there ARE a lot of coaches out there who put the gymnast first. There is always a pathway in gymnastics for anyone who wants it. There's just not the same...
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    International Dev trial

    I was going to say geelong - i saw them advertise their open trial for Devo squad. YMCA Geelong I believe actually has a bit of a more well rounded approach than the NCE used to have. NCE is definitely not taking any younger gymnasts at the moment, in fact, parents had to fight to keep the 2024...
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    For Parents Anyone have a gymnast out there suffering processing/planning issues??

    I actually work with an athlete who works like this. She is now 14, but I have been coaching her since she was 10. I use a lot of video recording with her, and focus on one part of the skill only. Once that is right, we move on. Video playback allows her to visually see where the mistakes are...
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    Confused about twisting direction

    This is completely true!! And confusing. For kids that can twist both ways, it doesn't really become a huge issue until they are looking at doing multiple rotations, eg: half in, full out kind of thing. It is helpful if you can get their tumble twisting always going the same way, as it leads to...
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    Conditioning - what works best?

    I will come back and reply to this later on when I have a little more time, but I would like to say that it depends for my athletes what part of their season they are in. I actually have 4 different conditioning / strength programs that they work depending on the time of year. We have off season...
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    For Parents Essential oils for rips/blisters

    Tea bags.... i always say tea bags.... Used them myself 30 years ago and now my daughters regularly "bag up" :) Pop a few tea bags (regular not herbal) in some boiling water and allow to steep until water goes cold. Squeeze out 80% of water from bags and place bags directly on to rips and...
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    For Parents BHS

    She is still very young - I'll give you the same advice I give my gymnasts - "Trust the process". Once you start applying timelines to things... "slow to achieve, should have by now, when will she...." you actually begin to interrupt progress. I can't tell you how many girls i have come into...
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    Training at a reduced cost, or for free

    It concerns me that you feel qualified to judge who is and isn't deserving.... Unless you have some position of authority at the gym that you haven't disclosed, which then constitutes a professional issue..
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    Training at a reduced cost, or for free

    Keep in mind I am not US based... Interestingly, the conditions of 95% of academic and sporting scholarships where I am include confidentiality. Primarily to protect the child from the kind of attitude you seem to be displaying - the "it's not fair they get special treatment" scenario. I work...
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    For Parents Competition Fees

    Thanks Madden3 and gymgal, I think that makes sense. There's really nothing like that system here that I know of. Basically our clubs are either non-for profit or privately owned, and fundraising is still a part of both, depending on how the gym decides to work. We are a not for profit gym, so...
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    For Parents Competition Fees

    Thanks jillc. I appreciate your response. This sounds similar to the proposal I have just written for our club. That there is a program competition fee that all gymnasts in the program pay at the beginning of the year that is then used to cover coaches costs. Event entry fees will then be...
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    For Parents Competition Fees

    Forgive me for the potentially naive question - but what is a Booster club? I have never heard that term used here in Australia. In terms of fees, do most gyms add a levy at the beginning of the season that covers the coaching costs etc? or is it added to each competition? We are currently in...
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