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Recent content by Aussiegymdad

  1. Aussiegymdad

    International dev Trial

    It depends on the program as different gyms usually have different criteria, however there's also similarities. At her age they would generally be looking at natural strength, flexibility, desire/ability to listen and the shapes they make. Welcome to the crazy gymnastics journey.
  2. Aussiegymdad

    How long in gymnastics before a team invite

    DD got invited to pre team development at 5 after going in for an assessment (did a few months of rec elsewhere) IL3 around 8 to 9 months later.
  3. Aussiegymdad

    Another round of "Your kid might be a gymnast IF..."

    When you go to see why your DD is taking so long to get dressed for school today and she's in her room doing pushups in her knickers...
  4. Aussiegymdad

    Levels and ages...

    Age 6 / IL3 not sure how that compares to JO levels
  5. Aussiegymdad

    skipping dinner b/c of late practice

    My DD just turned 6 and has gym and dance until 7pm 3x a week since January and she usually has a cold dinner such as chicken or chicken schnitzel with salad. Most of them time she's looking for more food when we get home too. She also has a snack break during gym (piece of fruit) and eats...
  6. Aussiegymdad

    Elite track, what does it mean?

    That's correct they do not compete in NL (national levels).
  7. Aussiegymdad

    Elite track, what does it mean?

    In Australia we have a completely different program for those girls training on the "elite track" and they compete separately as well as having different criteria. To explain to non gymnastics people it's easier to say she's doing elite gymnastics, but in the gym the girls are in the IL program...
  8. Aussiegymdad

    New Social Group - Healthy Eating

    Count me in please!
  9. Aussiegymdad

    Training at WAIS

    Congratulations.. very exciting news for you and your little gymmie!
  10. Aussiegymdad

    Pre-squad Question UK.

    Hi.. my DD was in a similar situation at the start of this year and went from 1 hour to 2x2.. she loved it and wanted more. Guess it depends on each child, there's only one way to know and that is to give it a go. I've always reiterated that it has to be fun and when changes have been made that...
  11. Aussiegymdad

    International Levels Questions

    Thanks Aussie_coach, I really appreciate you taking your time to respond. It has definitely put my mind at ease.
  12. Aussiegymdad

    International Levels Questions

    Hi Aussie_coach and ozZee, ive seen there's new changes to the IL program, just curious if there's been any indication of what skills will be tested in the circuit of IL3?
  13. Aussiegymdad

    AUS post opens a US office

    I'm not sure as I haven't used any of the services, I do however work in domestic transport and logistics. If you look at this from a business point of view it wouldn't make sense for them to go below the current market rates as they have an established and recognised brand name which would mean...
  14. Aussiegymdad

    AUS post opens a US office

    I think the purpose of this is it's set up as an American addresss and therefore you can purchase products that only ship to American addresses.