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    I'd like to cut floor music again!

    Sure, you should both be able to PM me the mp3 file. If not, let me know and I'll give you my email address. I'll do my best with the challenging cut @CanAmGymMum :) I don't have any fancy tools though!
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    I'd like to cut floor music again!

    I've PM'd you my email :)
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    I'd like to cut floor music again!

    I know!! I turned 20 this year...
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    I'd like to cut floor music again!

    I had so much fun doing this two years ago, and I've just started cutting music again. Let me know if there's any music you'd like cut! Here are some examples of what I've done previously:
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    Pop floor music suggestions appreciated

    Darn, I hit post before I was finished. As for other suggestions, have a look through this playlist!
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    Pop floor music suggestions appreciated

    *jumps up and down* That's so awesome - I made that cut! I did recently make a new one, but it's probably too heavy for an eight-year-old, haha ().
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    Steve Penny arrested

    Wow. He came after me on the Nassar thread earlier this year. I didn't know who he was, but he way, way too defensive. I thought he was a good representation of USAG's disgusting attitude toward athlete safety. I didn't know he was USAG's attitude toward athlete safety!
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    Bra problems

    Sewing some nude mesh or lycra over the circle will probably be the safest and longest-lasting solution, if you have access to a sewing machine. Just cut out a circle in the right size (measure the size while you're wearing it to account for the curvature of your back - you don't want to make...
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    Educational video on preventing the sexual abuse of gymnasts (child safe)

    I have not been active on this board for the last few months as I have not been involved with much gymnastics lately (not by choice: I moved home). However, when I saw this video about inappropriate touching on YouTube, I thought it was too important not to share. It is child safe and very...
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    Shorts in competition

    All for it, no matter the age, as long as they're presentable of course. Also all for leggings and unitards. All three are good enough for the FIG, they should be good enough everywhere in my view.
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    Liukin just resigned

    You are very kind. I guess this is one of those issues where it's impossible to take a side - it's not a black and white problem with a clear solution. I certainly agree. Neither of them have handled this at all well, unfortunately. Both shut up like clams for a long time, and both made...
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    Liukin just resigned

    My cautious attitude towards Liukin is shifting into negative territory: He gave this short statement to Russian media. “The main reason for my resignation is the scandal with the doctor. Everyone is now looking...
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    Why I love the gym...

    As a gymnast: I love my gym because the atmosphere of the class is so much fun, flipping is fun, and we have independence to choose what we want to learn, but also guidance from coaches if I need it. I appreciate that we can all learn at our own paces and nobody is judgemental at ALL. It...
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    International suicide and support help info

    Australia Lifeline - 13 11 14 - call 24/7, online chat also available until late. Website: Beyond Blue - 1300 22 4636 - call 24/7, online chat available until late, email and receive response within 24 hours. Website: Support, help...
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    Discussion of abuse in USAG - Nassar

    What an excellent point. I didn't even think about that first point, but it's screamingly obvious now that you've written it down. Any gym which offers themselves up will be inconvenienced in the short term (cancelling classes for a few days) but will gain exposure as essentially the country's...
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