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    Need quick rip help

    Tea bag, vitamin E at night. For practice/meet, we cover the rip with the padded blister band-aids and taps and then make tape grips for under her regular grips. Since your DD is level 4, she probably doesn't have regular grips yet. The tape grips should hold up long enough.
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    Quick Yes or No Question?

    About half our team lives in one state and competes in another since we live right on the state line so I don't believe there are any issues.
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    Elbow Fracture - Looking for info on what to expect

    Thanks everyone again for the responses. I feel much better about her chances of coming back and I'm armed with some info to prepare her for the next few months. The little princess has handled the injury and surgery well. She's struggling with missing the rest of her season and her gym friends.
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    Elbow Fracture - Looking for info on what to expect

    I wasn't there but apparently she was tumbling like a madwoman. She went for her RO BHSBHS layout but tried to pull out of the layout. She says she lost herself and didn't think she'd make it. She's an extremely powerful tumbler (pretty sure dunno would call her fast twitch) so my guess was she...
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    Elbow Fracture - Looking for info on what to expect

    Can I have the insurance will cover all of this fairies? Just kidding!!!
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    Elbow Fracture - Looking for info on what to expect

    She's out and we are home. Dr says alignment on post op X-ray looks good. Thanks for your well wishes and information!
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    Elbow Fracture - Looking for info on what to expect

    Sparky- It sounds like our daughter's have very similar injuries. Everything you posted was pretty much what the doctor told me last night. Headed to surgery now. Hoping for as good of an outcome as you have all had...
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    Elbow Fracture - Looking for info on what to expect

    My DD (8) fractured her elbow last night at gym. Having surgery and pins put in place today. The surgeon has said 6-9 months before she can go back to gym. I haven't discussed in detail with him yet since I'm more concerned with getting her through the surgery and having a working elbow at this...
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    Reisport vs. US glove grips

    My DD has been having some issues with the Reisports that her team orders. I'm not positive what it is. It is something about the finger holes. One of her coaches recommended trying the US Glove HotShots. I was looking at them online and I had a question. What is the rubber band like thing...
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    level 5 bars scoring

    This has become an issue with our Level 5 mom's after our latest meet. Some of our girls are able to connect the skills, albeit with form deductions and not quite as high a cast as required on the high bar and they scored higher on bars all around. Mom's are not happy since the "prettier"...
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    Books (fiction) for young gymnasts

    My DD just finished 1st grade and read the two Gym Rats books this year fairly easily: Basic Training and Toe Jam. I think she probably could have read them last year in Kindergarten. You can find them on Amazon also. She is currently reading the 2nd Mckenna book right now but those are...
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    Gyms profiting off team and required parent involvement? Business discussion

    I have absolutely no interest in getting in the middle of this but when I was reading, I found it highly amusing that the OP's time was so valuable that he couldn't give up a few hours of it to support his daughter and her team but had plenty of time to post here and even to scour old posts in...
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    For Parents So - another crazy gym parent(s) thread.

    As funny as these are, they make me cringe because DS (5) was invited to practice with the "mites" at the ice rink. I was hoping his interest in hockey would be shortlived once he was old enough to play other sports (everyone in my house is anti-soccer so that is not an option). Luckily, the...
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    Question for Coaches

    This makes me feel better. I want to do what is best for her long term and I was concerned that her "boredom" would cause her to lose her spark and love of the the sport. Although I have not spoken to her coach, I know she sees it also. I can see it in her reaction to her routines when she is...
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    Question for Coaches

    She is 6 and will be 7 by January.
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