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    Gym opening data in the US by state

    I'm sorry, I think you misunderstood. My daughter's gym is in a different county from where we live. The county we live in has few cases in comparison to the county where her gym is located.I wasn't comparing her to gym to the OC. I do understand that some gyms in the OC may be open legally due...
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    Gym opening data in the US by state

    So, the Orange County gyms aren't open legally then? I'm just trying to get a gauge on when my daughter's gym might open. We live in a different county that is less hard hit than her gym.
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    Gym opening data in the US by state

    @doublestrike which counties in CA?
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    Anyone else think that COVID brought the end of gym for your gymnast?

    For my daughter this time away has strengthened her commitment to gymnastics. She says she never appreciated it when she could . This could stem from the fact that her gym is providing 16 hours of Zooms a week using air tracks, floor bars, etc and has established many different motivational...
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    For Parents Growth during the time off?

    Yes, mine turned 15 and started her period since we have been home. Her body all of a sudden is curvy.
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    For Parents Air track question

    We reinflated the new air track today and it held air all day, so I think the flatness at the end of the first day was a user error (I hope).
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    For Parents Air track question

    My daughter's arrived today. We inflated it and by this evening it was flat.:mad:
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    For Parents Air track question

    I just bought a knock off on ebay. If you want the knock off they look the same on Amazon and Ebay, but Ebay is cheaper. I noticed that the prices are increasing each day, I guess as the demand goes up. I couldn't sleep several nights ago, so used that time to research the air tracks. You might...
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    For Parents Coronavirus

    @Flicfliclay are gyms and fitness centers closed by a mandatory order? They are here in CA and I'm sure they will be soon by you. I would be so mad if privates were going on at my daughter's gym. Is the gym just open after the private then? I can't see how working on something in a private would...
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    For Parents Coronavirus

    Closed for 1 week (hopefully more) in So Cal
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    What USAG should be doing

    Who do we email? I'm in, I just want the email to go to the correct person.
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    For Parents 4.5 year old gymnast how much practice time ?

    No offense to the OP, but it seems like there should be a Forum just for this type of post. It seems that the same post with the exact scenario pops up every few months at least and garners all of the exact same replies. Maybe it would help the posters with young gymnasts to talk to others like...
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    For Parents Stinky pitts on meet leo

    Vodka in a spray bottle. Google it, it really works.
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    UPDATE, What does it take to make a GREAT Gymnast

    Saw it in person and it was awesome!
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    For Parents Excited about the season

    I'm excited for the travel and to visit new places and to attend the Olympic Trials, but is it wrong I'm also excited for the season to be over? I'm not a fan of all the stress that the season brings to my house.
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