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    We're back

    Wow! Even as a mostly lurker, occasional poster I suffered! I've been sitting in a hospital since before the site went down and boy did the break hurt! I'm SO glad we're back up and running and my life can return to normal, whatever that is, lol! Happy posting everyone!
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    Halfway through meet season & Update **Semi-Brag Alert**

    It sounds like Dani is doing amazing. How awesome that her AA score continues to improve with each meet. She must be working hard to clean up the deductions. I bet we'll hear great things from her state meet! And as for the ballet...well, I can't think of anything that would be more...
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    For Parents Baby Bog meet report....long...very long!

    Wow, What a tough meet, when the scores don't line up with the quality of the routine. That has to be discouraging for baby bog. Congratulations to her for having a good attitude about the whole thing, and being mature enough to enjoy gym for the sake of gym, rather than the scores. Any vids...
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    For Parents Bigger Bog meet report

    WOW! Very impressive after only 5 hours of training! She must be proud:) Good luck to Baby Bog tomorrow, we're looking forward to seeing vids!
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    For Parents Bean videos!!!

    Wow! Jfish, you've done it again! Thank you very much for taking the time to post for me. I saw 2 meet updates of Bean's posted by you and it means a lot to us. Some of you may remember that I'm dealing with health issues right now, and unfortunately, they tend to keep me from posting. I...
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    New mom

    Welcome to the Chalkbucket! This is a wonderful group for information and friendship! I'm looking forward to hearing all about your daughter!
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    Back in the gym

    Oh, we feel your pain. Bean missed 2 of the last 3 weeks with flu that developed into pnemonia. She was out for a week, back for 3 days, then out for another week. She returned last Saturday and hacked her way through practice and went to bed at 6, as soon as she got home. Monday was a bit...
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    Me at British Champs 09!

    That was awesome! You are a beautiful gymnast, and watching is inspiring! Thanks for posting video, you should be very proud of your accomplishments in this sport. When I'm at my computer, I'll subscribe so we can continue to follow your gymnastics journey!
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    For Parents Juju got her Kip!

    That's Awesome news! Way to go Juju!!! Such a big skill for a little girl! I hope she's very proud of herself:D
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    For Parents Finally After 8 Months of Hard Work: We Have Our Kip

    Congratulations Kayla!! She should be proud, that's a tough skill!
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    For Parents Juju's 1st Meet of Season (L4)

    What a great 1st meet! She should be proud. Leadership is a lovely quality that very few possess. To have it identified and have an opportunity to develop it is wonderful. Congrats to your little girl, I'm sure given time to grow in the role, she'll exceed everyone's expectations:)
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    For Parents Fun weekend, had to share (kinda long)

    You are definitely a cool dad! I was talked into sitting through an extra flight of a competition once, so Bean could cheer on her teammates. It was the 1st, and likely the last time I'll ever do it! My bum was numb (love the bleacher my eyes were bleary, and even as an avid gym...
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    mom to 2 gymies and new here

    Welcome to the board! I my dd just turned 11 last week and is competing level 8. We have to wait until December, so another mom living through other people's kids, lol. I'm sure you'll enjoy it here and I'm looking forward to hearing about your girls!
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    Hi from Barbados!

    Welcome to Chalkbucket! I can't imagine having to fly to all meets. It's pretty safe to say that our family wouldn't be involved in the sport if that was the case. Good for you for finding an activity your little one loves and finding a way to make it happen:) I'm looking forward to...
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    For Parents Welcome to level 7

    Congratulations Cait!! What terrific scores for that notoriously low scoring level. Especially given that the focus of her training has been elsewhere. She has worked so hard over the past few months and it's now paying off. It's beautiful to watch what can be accomplished with some God...
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