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    Meets this year

    Curious if it would be the infection rate of the State, County, or City in which the meet is held. How low would you want the infection rate to be before attending?
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    Does Your Gym Require GYMNASTS to Wear Masks?

    Oh yeah...I specifically mean while doing gymnastics or while flipping.
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    Does Your Gym Require GYMNASTS to Wear Masks?

    Can the poll be made private?
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    Does Your Gym Require GYMNASTS to Wear Masks?

    Actually flipping with a mask on.
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    Does Your Gym Require GYMNASTS to Wear Masks?

    Is a moderator able to go in and edit that for me?
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    For Parents twitter post from recent D1 grad

    Why Michigan? Isn't she from Arizona?
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    For Parents Getting discouraged

    At least one school district has cancelled fall sports all together, I'm sure other school districts will make similar decisions soon (seeing how several of the low risk sports can't train still). It's so disheartening, especially when we keep hearing it's based on "science" yet regions that...
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    NCAA 20-21

    U of Michigan is running voluntary practices and girls are on campus (ironic given the fact the clubs right down the street from them can't train).
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    For Parents Getting discouraged

    Bay Valley Academy, who have been open for 44 years, is also at risk of closing according to their team parents :(
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    For Parents How long would you wait?

    EVERYTHING is taking longer right now. I bet the wrong city took THAT long to respond to the original request, so the owners didn't realize what happened until it was kicked back to them! Give them some grace due to these crazy times.
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    For Parents Getting discouraged

    Closed 150's insane :(
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    Those with Fall Seasons? What is your State Doing

    Meanwhile Michigan is still closed. Some schools are starting as early as August 19th. Unfortunately, with schools starting and flu season coming I just can't see us being moved to phase 5 until later winter. I can't fathom us having a season at all and am just hoping that clubs survive at this...
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    Corona poll

    I don't personally know anyone that has had it or has it.
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    Would you send your DD - sick girl at gym?

    We've been able to drive-in and get tested almost immediately in my area of Michigan since at least May. Though most places are still requiring you to at least have symptoms to get tested. Supposedly those who have worked outside their home for 5+ days can also be tested, but I haven't run...