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    Thinking About Quitting

    I understand your situation and it's very difficult to switch. But you need to explore yourself, what you really want to do and which skill will give you growth in future. Try to focus on such things that have long term benefits. As you said tumbling is your love, then find the solution why you...
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    TOPS / Hopes Double back tuck acquired at what age?

    The ideal age to learn those skills is from 9 to 14 yrs and in this, trampoline is the best option for beginners to do practice. Make sure if your kids really get interested in gymnastics then start their classes from age 6, so that they can start developing the skills from level 1.
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    Oh Sam

    I am so happy for Sam, I am big fan of him.
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    For Coaches Help to make basic skills fun for different age groups especially the boys

    I know the essential aspects of gymnastic, it will help to attain flexibility, strength and very good for overall development of body. My cousin had joined gymnastic classes for a short time period but I can see the changes in her, so I am very inspired with Gymnastics skill. That's why I am...
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    Seems the problems aren’t limited to artistic..

    Not good at all, very depressing seriously.
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    Restricted Trampoline Use Thoughts

    Yes, I totally agree. Wrong landing on trampoline can hurt you badly for long term. So use it under supervision and read the full guidelines first and take proper training of jumping on trampoline so that you may not face any trouble.
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    5 Selected Gymnast..

    Hard competition, my favorite is Kara, I am very curious and excited to see them in Finals.
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    Adult gymnastics gyms in Boston?

    I understand your concern, If you want to keep your gymnastic skills alive then trampoline is something which you can consider. Basically a traditional gym will help you to build strength and flexibility but as you say you just want to do it once or twice a week then Gymnastic trampoline is the...
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