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    College Gymnastics in: KS or MO

    Yep there's Mizzou and SEMO, but no teams in Kansas unfortunately.
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    Twitter???...Do you guys use it?

    I initially resisted twitter but I can see the fun of it. I mean you don't have to post all the personal info facebook wants, and you can just follow basic things, it's simple short, easy to update. It's pretty cool. I'm enjoying it.:D
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    I'm new!

    Welcome and good luck in your return from injury. :) :)
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    New Here

    Welcome aboard the good ship Chalk Bucket!!:)
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    Hello from a new member!

    Welcome to the board. :)
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    Hello from NZ

    Welcome to the chalk bucket!! :)
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    heyy! im new

    Welcome to CB!!!
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    Parent who is new to this sport

    Welcome to CB. :) There is a great group of people here that can provide advice. Welcome to the sport!!! :)
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    Super fan/judge/coach/gymnast

    Welcome welcome welcome. :)
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    New to site ...but glad to be here

    Welcome to chalk bucket from someone one state over! There is a great group of people here to talk to, I hope you enjoy it. :)
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    Hey there

    Welcome to the board! :) Yep no boredom here. :)
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    Modest previews up for SCSU, MIT, Brown, Yale, UNH, Rutgers

    I've posted modest team previews, which certainly have plenty of limitations as usual, but should they be of any interest they're up. Bridgeport's preview is coming next week. I wanted to add more color to them, but time didn't allow it, but I will be putting that into meet reports. Team...
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    High Hopes

    Welcome to the board and good luck in your efforts!!:)
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    About me

    Welcome to the Board! Yeah definitely there's all sorts of adult gymnasts on the board who can help you out. :)
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    Welcome to the Chalk Bucket! There's a lot of people here who should be able to help with that. :) There's a lot of experienced gymnasts and parents on here.