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    Kim Zmeskal-Burdette gets called out ( #gymnastalliance )

    Vomiting is not a regular part of gymnastics. My gymnast is multi-year level 10, trained with elites and members of the national team and none of them vomited as part of practice.
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    NCAA 20-21

    ASU's indoor volleyball team are in town. They are quarantining privately for 7 days and then will join teammates.
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    NCAA 20-21

    Getting back on track--LSU announced their schedule!!!!
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    What are your tried and true snack choices for your gymnast at practice?

    Bananas, pretzels with Nutella; goldfish; salami/cheese roll-ups; peanut butter granola bars; banana bread; chicken poppers; croissants; biscuits; fruit bowls; smoothies.
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    NCAA 20-21

    Every Pac 12 sports program received over $30 million this year from the football TV contracts and bowl games. While Cal is not Oregon, it did make it to a bowl and helped the conference with bowl earnings--something UCLA and USC did not do. Big 12 and SEC had even bigger payouts--over $50...
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    Are CA gyms affected?

    This is what our gym in SoCal is doing and it appears to follow the other gyms that have stayed open. Most of the gyms are huge square footage and extremely high ceilings so spacing is very good too.
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    Are CA gyms affected?

    Many gyms in CA have day camp certification, which throughout the summer they are. From what I've heard about 50% of gyms closed if they don't have that designation. Most of the large counties in CA were on the governor's list, including all of SoCal.
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    NCAA 20-21

    Football pays for most of the sports. Those fancy practice facilities in the SEC? The better the football team, the nicer the gym facility.
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    risk assessment tool

    I’m too dumb for this, I have no understanding what this predicts. Lol.
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    Anyone else think that COVID brought the end of gym for your gymnast?

    Is it MI, NY and NJ that aren't back yet? I heard the MI governor also asked not to have fall high school football, very un-Big 10 of her!
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    NCAA 20-21

    Utah is practicing, Utah St. Is set to report end of July. My daughters summer report date has been pushed to fall.
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    Anyone else think that COVID brought the end of gym for your gymnast?

    My daughter's BFF just quit, she had top 10 offers, didn't accept any of them, went on some visits last year. Just decided she didn't want to do college gym, found other more creative interests during this time. Her mother is not a CGM in any way and seems fine with it. This kid is so insanely...
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    Los Angeles gyms reopening?

    We’re hoping for Monday!
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    Gym opening data in the US by state

    Almost everything is opening up in OC. It’s my understanding that gyms opening there are doing so legally per OC rules.
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