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    IGC Bronze Ariels on floor

    I think it would be a .5 deduction.
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    For Parents DD Not on Team

    Goodness after 4 years and no explanation other than "invite only" i wouldn't let them see another penny of my money. I realize this is going to sound like something you've clearly thought of but maybe there are other gyms to consider that you don't know about? I'm new to the sport(from a...
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    Hi All

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    Xcel Silver Routines

    GymnasticsHQ has downloadable Skill lists for each event:)
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    ...yet another meet ?...

    We don't have our schedule yet either and Coach says it won't be definite when we do, is this fairly normal?
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    ...yet another meet ?...

    October and the girls routines aren't even choreographed , but... Coach knows what she's doing!
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    Xcel Competition Leotard Sleeve Length

    R3 bronze wear tanks, silver and up long sleeves..
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    Ages at xcel?

    XB=5-7 XS=8-9 We don't have any XG right now XP=11-15 No XD right now This is at my DD gym but there are no hard fast rules:)
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    For Parents Flexibility and why you should listen to your instincts

    This is interesting to me because i know a young gymnast, 7 and she has some pretty high level skills but has trouble keeping her arms straight. She also can't do some beginner things like bridge up, coach has always said its a shoulder flexibility issue and just keep stretching but doesn't give...
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    Hi everyone!!

    Hello! I'm new here as well, welcome
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    Excited daughtet

    DD is 9, this will be her first time to compete! She trains 7 hours currently but would love more! 2 weeks ago she was able to train 18 hours and loved it:) Hope this roller coaster is a fun one
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    For Parents 2005+ Gymnast Social Group

    I'd like to join, 05 gymnast
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    New here! Nervous to post but here goes..

    Thank you so much! I think I'm in it already but haven't posted yet... I love the group, just trying to feel my way around and not embarrass myself:/
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