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    Trampoline parks

    I respectfully disagree about dunno being a bully. IMO, he is passionate, knowledgeable, and direct and has been around the sport a long time. I highly value any information he shares and I appreciate his direct approach.
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    Chicago Beach Meet

    Yes-my dd, who was going into level 8 at the time, did the beach meet. It was about 12 years ago. It was 100 degrees that day! So much fun though! Hope you have nice weather!
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    Vanessa Atler Interview

    Anyone hear the Vanessa Atler interview on the gymcastic podcast last week? Very eye opening and truly heartbreaking how she was treated by USA gymnastics back in the late 1990's. She was America's star back then and she spoke so candidly about everything!
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    Must read for anyone with NCAA aspirations...

    As a parent of 3 former level 9/10 gymnasts I admire and appreciate the collegiate gymnasts that are willing to talk about the negatives of NCAA scholarships! Most people seem to think that a scholarship is the Golden ticket and for most of the girls I know, that wasn't the case. It's all about...
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    For Parents Thoughts on this? 8th grader committing to UCLA??

    Just have to say that I have boy/girl twins as well, they just turned 11. Just had to say hi to a fellow "MOM" (mother of multiples)...
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    For Parents Thoughts on this? 8th grader committing to UCLA??

    But playing devil's advocate - what difference does it make to this particular girl that she's made a verbal commitment at 14 in the course of gymnastics journey? If she stays healthy (big IF), she'll end up at her dream school even if she makes no improvement from now to her senior year (I've...
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    Why Are Parents the Enemy?

    After sitting in the fishbowl for over 10 years at several gyms during my 3 dd's gymnastics careers after listening to parents comments about the coaches, about the other gymnasts, about their own kids, coaching from the sidelines, etc., would I want to coach? I've been asked to coach multiple...
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    For Parents Thoughts on this? 8th grader committing to UCLA??

    I agree that so much can happen from 8th grade to college. I had 3 upper level gymnasts. 2 9's training 10 at 13 and a 3rd yr level 10 who was 15. All extremely successful. All "ideally" headed for scholarships. My youngest ended up with a career ending back injury, middle daughter had injury...
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    Gabby Douglas Hate - (Hopefully) An End

    I give Gabby credit for her gymnastics, but it's an athletes character and sportsmanship that matter to Me personally. That to me is what turns the tables on my like or dislike of people in general, but more so athletes because they are role models. I judge people's character on how their...
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    Maggie Nichols Retires from Elite

    Absolutely adore her! What a class act!
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    2016 Women's Artistic Gymnastics Olympic Team!

    Well I've been in this sport a long time and have watched the trials forever and have had former teammates both make and not make the team. In the current system, she was selected. However, for those of us who have been around, we are aware of the fact that in the "former" system, she would not...
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    2016 Women's Artistic Gymnastics Olympic Team!

    In many ways I wish we would go back to the old way we did trials "back in the day" when we had two days of trials and it was a pure competition and may the best gymnast's make the team-fair and square. This is just how a lot of sports do it. I just finished watching track and field trials...
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    Any Mykayla converts out there?

    Well, if all Gabby really has going for her is her bars, then Ashton has a higher bar score and is more consistent on bars. I know that there is no way Marta will bring two bar specialists since Gabby can ultimately contribute if she has to on more than just bars and beam, but a girl can wish...
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    Any Mykayla converts out there?

    I am an old school gymnast and have a very difficult time over looking Mykayla's form issues and lack of artistry. I am also not a fan of her personality, either. That being said, I do think she has a strong work ethic and would prefer her on a team over Gabby, who at this point just doesn't...
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    For Parents Pushy crazy parents of famous gymnasts is there any??!!

    I know that we're talking about crazy gym parents, but I wanted to give a shout out to Maggie's parents for being the most normal parents ever. My dd and I met them at JO Nationals right before Maggie went elite and they were genuinely the nicest, most down to earth people. They seemed to have...
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