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  1. flippin out

    USAG new hire (1/18/20)

  2. flippin out

    Changing gyms

    Exactly this!
  3. flippin out

    return from stress fracture

    ugh...just re-read my above post. Dang autocorrect changed stuff.....most notably, killing is supposed to say kipping
  4. flippin out

    return from stress fracture

    Just my opinion, but I like your plan best. I would not register her for meets this season, especially not Jan or even February. Let her ease back in. It will take many weeks to get back up to full out practice. I personally would go with no competitions (why would she push back to do xcel, or...
  5. flippin out

    NCAA’s new recruiting rules

    that one is not graduating early, she was offered before the rule change and she is just now deciding she wants to accept the offer....supposedly she called and left message accepting offer on their voicemail. Her sister is a freshman at MSU so I’m sure there was some information exchange that...
  6. flippin out

    HELP: Breaking a gym $$ contract to change gyms

    sadly, that gym sounds spiteful enough that even if you had paid all the future fees (ransom for not bad mouthing)....they likely would've still called all area gyms and trashed your daughter and your family anyway. They'd likely have told all prospective gyms that she was lazy and didn't take...
  7. flippin out

    Stress Fracture Sesamoid Bone

    I just can’t even...is this serious? You are bragging about allowing your kid to compete with a high fever (and I’m with the poster that is thankful it was not at any meet I was at), and asking posters here to give you validation for allowing your kid to compete on a serious fracture for an...
  8. flippin out


    Thanks for sharing that link. Eye opening for anyone who has no personal frame of reference (either first hand or through personal friends dealing with it)
  9. flippin out


    also, just bc there may be cameras does not mean that anyone except the owner has access to said camera. Many HC are also the owner....so, not helpful. There are a few gyms around that have a live feed available to anyone with the code (which some gyms give out to parents for viewing, but not...
  10. flippin out

    2021-2029 Compulsory Sneak Preview

    As competing levels.........I agree! Levels 1 & 2 should be non-competing levels focusing on skills and not routines to compete. I would not agree to spend my money on suzie competing those levels (the leos, travel expenses, hotels, competition fees). My money would be better spent keeping her...
  11. flippin out

    2021-2029 Compulsory Sneak Preview

    I guess I was thinking that the cartwheel was part of dismount progression.......a cartwheel, stretch jump then straight into the back tuck dismount. I agree on that dratted mill circle being gone, good riddance and I like the idea of the vault over stack mats....will have to wait and see what...
  12. flippin out

    What do I do

    I am on the leave now wagon. The coach didn't take the risk of telling you now bc she thought you should wait. The fact that 2 coaches confirm the issues, and the 2 high level coaches are leaving.....added with whatever other issues are happening all says go now. Your dd is a L9 15yr old, she...
  13. flippin out

    2021-2029 Compulsory Sneak Preview

    like to new L5 beam dismount....agree, better for transition to optionals
  14. flippin out

    Social media

    First, are you referring to your dd’s club coaches or are you referring to college coaches so really your question is about recruiting?
  15. flippin out

    What does "Allowed to walk-on" actually mean?

    hmm....my dd is at a public school. Never happened there, unless this is a new rule? or maybe that rule is only for certain states?