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    For Parents Asked to Join Level 1 at age 4

    In North Texas, Level 1 is definitely a thing and they do start them really young. They are achievement only, which means everyone gets ribbons/medals, the color of the ribbons are determined by score range: blue is 9.0+ red is 8.0-9.0, etc. It is supposed to be "for fun", but there are a lot...
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    For Parents Using gym PT?

    Send them a notorized letter requesting the records in the form of certified mail(requires their signature and/or their refusal to sign) as their final warning. That lets them know you are serious and you are creating a paper trail that can and will be used against them. Many times that is...
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    Competing in a meet without a team

    Way back in the day I went to one meet on my own due to coaching conflicts. HC was attending an elite meet, and AC was on maternity leave. I had been injured mid-season and recovered, but had to go to one meet to qualify to states. Everyone else had already qualified. My coaches just had a...
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    Camps on the West Coast?

    Not West Coast, but my DD10 is going to Karolyi's July 7-19 this summer. It's her first time and she's so excited! Here's a Facebook group on the topic:
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    Average age of gymnast to go away to gymnastics camp and why?

    My DD10 is going to TWU camp this week in Denton, TX, which is close to home. She is L3. She is having a total blast! Then she is going to Karolyi's July 7-19, two weeks! She wanted to go for the fun, and probably a little bit to pretend she is an olympic contender training under Bela...
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    For Parents Summer gymnastics camps - who's going?

    My 10yo DD is going to 2 different camps this summer. Right now she is at TWU camp in Denton, TX which is just right up the street from us. Then July7-19 she will be at Karolyi's in Houston. She is going alone to all the camps. I have a FB page for the Karolyi's camp if you are interested...
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    For Parents Parent Observation Policies

    My DD10 is a USAG L3. Our gym doesn't have a watch policy and they don't seem to encourage or discourage viewing. They have a large open viewing area that is behind glass. My DD loves for me to watch. And I LOVE to watch as well. I was a Class 1 gymnast back in the day and just generally...
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    Questions for anyone who has been to Karolyi's summer camp

    Sorry for the late reply... my DD10 is going July 7-19! She is super excited! She is going by herself!!
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    Questions for anyone who has been to Karolyi's summer camp

    My 10yo is going this year! She is SO excited! She is staying for 2 weeks and I'm sending 20 leos, just in case. She will probably wear 10 of them, and rewear her favorite ones, instead of putting a clean on one. yak! I am assuming refillable water bottles are OK. I am not packing "fun"...
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