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    When to tell coaches that daughter is switching to a new gym

    Definitely not until you are getting your grips and saying goodbye. Coaches have no reason to train a gymnast with a foot out the door. But send a nice email to the coaches after the fact thanking them for what they have offered your child.
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    How many L10 girls graduate from U.S. high schools every year?

    What about level 10 athletes who don't qualify for state or get injured? Would that be some of the discrepancy?
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    Is coach a bully? Should I get my son out of there?

    And do you recognize that it could just as easily be your wife protecting you? If you had tried to talk to the coach twice, would you then ask your wife to go do it to protect your son and family? If not, then you are being sexist.
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    Need advice: I am dreading this meet season

    I too am totally over it. I was delighted when my 14 year old retired after two level 9 seasons, but I still have a 13 year old level 8. Can I pay her to quit and move on to any of a million other sports? It would be way cheaper.
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    Gosh, that's really rude of those parents. It's really not their business what level your daughter competes. Try not to let it get under under your skin and think of it as a complement that your daughter is clearly an amazing gymnast.
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    Excited about the season

    You sounds like me!
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    Bendy Gymnast in Compulsory

    I would say don't worry about it. Most gymnasts deviate from the preferred norm in being too tight, or too bendy. I have one of each. All gymnasts live with some deductions that are just part of who they are: legs that don't straighten, hyperextended elbows, etc. Just know that your daughter is...
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    Child in DDs age group passed her out skill & performance wise, coach playing favorites

    I have two gymnasts (one retired) and am in year 9 of competition. The less I know, the happier I am. I promise you will be too. Back away. Trust the coach. And while you are at it, do the same with school. Trust the teachers. I don't help with homework. These kids need to learn to advocate for...
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    Oh lord yes. No regrets. She has moved on to other interests and is saving her body.
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    Yes to everything everyone else has said. My 14 year old packed it in after her 2nd season of level 9. She's 5'8" and had had enough.
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    Just a small rant about jealous parents

    SMH is right, I am shaking my head. What is wrong with that person. I would stay far, far away from her.
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    Just a small rant about jealous parents

    That's completely insane -- tracking other kids scores in a book. That's a very very unhealthy place for them to be in.
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    Daughter retired. Mom can't.

    To anyone out there whose heart is aching for this mom and whose anxiety is creeping up at the thought of their child ever quitting, I am here to tell you that it is not always this way. My daughter quit this past year after dedicating her whole childhood to gymnastics, and I couldn't be happier...
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    HELP: Breaking a gym $$ contract to change gyms

    I was in a similar situation and just cancelled the credit card on file. I would not throw good money after bad. If they want to call every gym around, so be it. If a gym is going to side with them, it's probably not a gym you want to be at.