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    We are aloud to wear shorts, sometimes the week before the meet we can't just so we get used to it for the meet. For me a wear shorts but im almost 16 I only wear the velvet spandex ones though becuse they are more comfortable. I have tumble shorts and I used to wear those but they would always...
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    Flyaway Fear

    Pretty much every single person has had a fear of flyaways. Some days I can do them some days I cant some days I can do perfect cast away layout flyaways and some days I can barley make my self do tap flyawayys. But what helps me is to not even think about it untill I get on the bar and when i'm...
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    Gym Meet on Super Bowl Sunday

    I think my dad has been to two or three meets out of my whole 5 1/2 years of competing. Which has never bothered me. I know he supports me but he hates watching my do gymnastics because he thinks i'm going to hurt myself lol. You know how dad's are with their daughters.
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    Make It or Break It - Season 2 starts Jan 4th!

    Well my thoughts were it was okay, i loved how they had razor come back. At first i didnt like damen but they are really cute together lol. Im looking forward to this season. But who watches the seceret life? I thought it sucked, blahh I want amy and rickie to be together but its not happening :(
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    Rips from Grips

    Yeah taping your wrists before bars and washing wrist bands every week would help
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    Sky high sports

    I really have no clue sid123 i've never been there before but I imagine that they would have funn it just looks funn! haha.
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    Sky high sports

    Who else really really really wants to go thereee? And if you don't know what it is here's a link... Sky High Sports
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    how many leos do you have???

    I have 10, and counting my team leos I have 15. Most mine are from alpha factor a couple from GK and some from destira. I only wear like 4 though I dont like my other ones haha. I've had so many in my time of doing gymnastics though haha. probably atleast 100 but I get rid of them.
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    What is your floor music?

    My music is gypsy rahpsody and my friends is Mr.pinstrip suit.
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    Are there any gymnasts out there that.....

    We have two first year level 4's on our team that are that old, one is in 8th grade and one is a freshman. I'm almost 16 and im a level 7.
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    Funny "Traditions" from gyms

    Well we usually sit with out head in our knees and picture ourselfs doing our routines perfect like two people before we go.
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    Irritated and frustrated with gym and myself.

    CoachTodd, well I have gone through that before where I had a MAJOR growth spert and luckily the was my first year of team but I really haven't grown since about the 6th grade haha. And i'm not really sure if I grew when I took a break, I know a probably gained a little bit of weight because I...
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    Irritated and frustrated with gym and myself.

    Yeah i'm almost 16 i'm a sophmore in highschool and I kinda screwed up my freshman year so gymnastics for sure comes last this year. But I wish so much that we had a gym that did prep optional somewhere around where I live. But I haven't heard of any. And I wish we had highschool gymnastics at...
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    Irritated and frustrated with gym and myself.

    Thank you graceful one, and I did read it all haha. And I've seen those videos and I love them (: And I think I have come to the point where I just need to quit gym. But this season is short only 5 meets it's over in march so I think skipping any meets would be point less and we already practice...
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    Irritated and frustrated with gym and myself.

    I hate this. Last year even though I didn't like my coaches and they were making gym not fun for me, gym was way better. Like last year I had all my level 6 and level 7 skills, working on my 8. Then I took a break from gym and ever since i've been loosing skill after skill and getting tons of...