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    For Parents Growth during the time off?

    My son has grown. DD has stayed the same. Both are gymnasts.
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    For Parents Confused about levels in competition.

    so do these kids perform their compulsory routines during the Xcel meets?
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    Number of training days per week

    2 days for L1 3 days for L2 4 days for L3 5 days for L4 6 days L5-L10
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    How To Coach Your Gymnast At Home

    No. My family is a circus. My parents were the same way with my brother and I. Like I'm not talking about saltos and yurchenkos here... I'm not even the only parent I know who does the same thing.
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    How To Coach Your Gymnast At Home

    Omg yes. Several times a day!!!!
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    How To Coach Your Gymnast At Home

    You know... I'd like to politely dissent from the "completely hands off" point of view. My son took up music a year ago. I play music. At his music teacher's request, I help him decipher his weekly lessons, I correct bad form and do drills with him. We also joyously make music together...
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    For Parents Gym dues, various novice questions!

    No undies under Leos. I'm a dancer and undies showing drives me insane
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    For Parents What are you getting your gymmie for Christmas??

    She wants an Apple Watch. She's 7! Ha! No. She'll get a new Leo and a new ribbon holder for L2. I like the idea of a gymnastics book.
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    Brestyans Boston

    Stay in Lexington. Super cute historic town with a quaint downtown right next door
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