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    Training at home

    You can't really safely do much more than what has already been suggested. Strength and stretching will greatly help. If you have a problem area, like weaker arms or inflexible shoulders, this is a GREAT time to work on your weaknesses. Also, I would do some running or cycling, or any sort of...
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    This week I accomplished...2010 version

    I do Level 8 in USAG randomly through out the year. The gym that I coach with occasionally will let me compete, and there's another gym in the area that will let me go as well. There's one meet in my area that started an 18 and up age division because the meet director knows I like to still...
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    This week I accomplished...2010 version

    It would be nice to have a level 9, but I did some C stuff in this meet... like a switch leap on beam and a switch ring on floor. It says on the site that we follow USAG Level 8 rules, which does allow dance and element C's, so I think we can do SOME, they just count as Bs.
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    This week I accomplished...2010 version

    That's what I'm excited to do! I spent so much time on bars today I got three blood blisters, but I'm determined to get my giant back. I went back to square one, but made great progress on the strap bar today. So psyched!
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    DD got her acceptance letter today! Will be a collegiate gymnast.

    That's just awesome! College gymnastics is so fun, so it will be a great reward for all of her hard work. She will have a blast and I'm glad her dream came true. There's no better feeling. Congrats to you, too! You have apparently done a great job with your gymnasts for them to be such...
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    Handstand Forward Rolls

    Without seeing it, it can be hard to say exactly why she has an issue standing up correctly. One possibility is that she is opening out of her tuck too early. If she starts to open her chest (think arching- but it doesn't have to be that extreme- even just a flat back position counts as...
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    Good luck!!!

    Just wanted to say good luck to everyone competing this weekend!:)
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    New compulsory music for USAG L1-6 with video walk through.

    People have posted the music on youtube if you don't feel like shelling out money. Also, USAG has videos posted of the routines on the website. It's ot the walk throughs, but can be helpful.
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    AAU Intermediate Optional Routines

    B's on bars: By far the hardest! clear hip circle to horizontal straddle cut cast to handstand fly away with a half twist giants B's on beam: round off back handspring front handspring front walkover tuck jump with half turn split or straddle jump with 180 degree split pike jump...
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    Skill difficulty level.

    So my brother just started dabbling in gymnastics because he thought it would help his pole vaulting. He even participated in a Master's Meet on vault. He was talking about potentially adding high bar and floor next year. Being a gymnast and a coach, I can help him with some stuff. But as I...
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    Empire State Games

    Hey, I just competed there, too! Which age group were you in? I was in the 26-32. Congratulations on your medals! It was a great meet this year! I'm psyched it's going to be in Rochester next year. It's very convenient for me.
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    AAU Nationals Virginia Beach

    Where did you see the schedule? I never saw it! 1:30 on Saturday with finals at 2:00 on Sunday? That's a little sad... I wanted some beach time, too! ** Found the schedule... What does it mean by prelim and finals awards? Are they giving out two sets of awards or just placements? That's...
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    Age Divisions for Ladies Division

    It's hard to do it without support and a coach. I am also jealous that people have coaches. I'm still coaching at the gym I trained with when I was in high school and pretty much every time I work out or talk about competing (just did a meet yesterday) my boss/old coach makes comments about...
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    Age Divisions for Ladies Division

    I hear you about the coach thing. I've been training myself pretty much for ten years. I am still at the gym I competed for in high school, and occasionally I can get him to help me out, but for the most part I'm on my own. It's very difficult.
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    July 1-4th Meet at Disney's Wide World of Sports

    Well, then extra congrats on getting it! I didn't get my tsuk until I was competing on a college club team. It was a very exciting to get it after the gymnastics "peak." I'm currently trying to get a half full, but from training tsuks for so long I can't get it to stop rotating to my back...