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    For Parents Can we talk about IG Brand Ambassadors?

    If a brand wants exclusivity it usually comes with a higher price tag, a lot of companies get more bang for their buck by sponsoring a specific number of videos or even just one. Also not sure if some/any of the insta-gymies or their parents are even getting paid by the sponsors and are instead...
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    For Parents Athlete A

    It's frustrating knowing this, and then seeing the US Education department trying to change Title IX rules to make it even harder for cases of assault to be heard or resolved.
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    For Parents Athlete A

    Compared to the HBO documentary this one moves a bit slower, my wife and I found ourselves nodding off about 30 minutes in and will have to finish it later.
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    Moving up levels

    Any gymnast who has had previous competitive experience in any system (including USA Gymnastics) and who is a minimum of 14 years of age OR is at least a freshman in High School is eligible to petition by submitting a formal written request to the State Administrative Committee for entry into...
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    For Parents Athlete A

    That's a really well made trailer.
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    Return to gym stories

    1st day back for DD. She was so happy to see all her teammates and I'm sure her face hurts from all the smiling. DD has no idea on what skills she may have lost as they didn't really do any skills, the plan is to work on strength and conditioning while slowly easing back into it. Told her to...
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    For Parents JO, xcel, gap ??

    What you were told are the rules or beliefs of that gym. Nobody knows your daughter as well as you, if the JO schedule is too much for her than look around at other options.
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    For Parents So disappointing...

    "Don't be so sensitive" "It's just a joke" Those types of phrases when uttered by someone in a position of authority sew the seeds for prejudice and destructive social behavior.
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    Wrong body type for gymnastics?

    Not sure how old you are, but nothing wrong with starting with a rec class either for kids or adults and just seeing how it goes. Maybe you'll love the workouts even if you don't have the most perfect form and just do it because you like it and not because you will be the best at it.
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    Extremely Tall Female Gymnasts

    Yeah that is a great question, NCAA's stance used to be that if the videos were non-athletic they don't count, but recently changed their rule to allow any use of their likeness. I guess the other...
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    Anyone else think that COVID brought the end of gym for your gymnast?

    Yeah, that is happening here too, DD claims it was because she was the only one without TikTok, and nobody wants to invite her to meet up because they all want to get together and do TikTok and she isn't allowed to. DD is two years younger than most of the girls at her level, so this aspect has...
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    Poll Discussion (from the reopening gymnastics clubs poll)

    The gym that my DD attends bought a couple of masks for the normal cold/flu this winter as their was a couple of girls that had runny noses that they couldn't stop dripping on everything. Those girls were just fine doing gymnastics in the cloth masks. I've tried boxing and mma in an elevation...
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    Where is USAG?

    For what it is worth USAG on the local levels are advising gyms on reopening and one can assume the local level is getting advised by the regional and/or national level, our gym owner indicated as much in a parental meeting about the upcoming reopening and what can and can not be done. The gym...
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    Movie suggestions

    Like almost everything Pixar, Onward was really good and free if you have Disney+. We also watched as a family and enjoyed: Sonic the Hedgehog, the new Jumanji, Spies in Disguise, the new Trolls, and Dora the Explorer (really it's good). Parents watched and enjoyed: Joker and Parasite.
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    Offshoot from the gym opening suggestions thread ~25% capacity. No idea what ticket prices would be to support that kind of gate, maybe they are banking on supply and demand.
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