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Recent content by gymmom41

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    Disney Vacation

    We love it too! If possible take at least 5 days so you can do 1 day at each park without feeling like you have to rush and hit 2 parks in 1 day. Then it's nice to have 1 day in the middle to sleep late and chill at the hotel and swim. If possible stay at a Disney resort because the early/late...
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    BHS on beam

    Would love any advice you have to help my girl square her BHS on beam!! She's been working in consistently over 2 years and can land it... scored 8's or low 9's on beam last year Level 7. But she consistently turns her fingers on the beam the same direction which turns her shoulders and upper...
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    Flip Fest

    Have many families here done Flip Fest? Is it mostly rec or compulsory level kids? Would girls working levels 8-9 have fun? Any other input you’d give on Flipfest or other camps?
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    Parental "rewards" for basic gymnastics skills?

    LOL. She had a wadded up piece of paper in her gym bag and made tally marks. I of course didn't see them all but it made her feel like she was making progress.
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    Parental "rewards" for basic gymnastics skills?

    To play a little devil's advocate... I used to completely agree that this is their sport and I should offer nothing external to motivate. So the 1st 2-3 years at lower levels we did nothing. But when they reach higher levels, and it takes longer to get a skill, we often offer a little bribe. I...
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    FWO on beam

    What else can they do for level 8 for forward or side acro?
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    JO Vacation/attendance policy?

    To OP: I agree with the moms who state family vacations are an important part of childhood and are very important to prioritize. My DD has taken off 2 weeks each summer (unconnected) for non-gymnastics camp and family vacation and 1 week each winter. She has gone from Level 1- 7 in 3 years. She...
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    How do you feel about 100% medals placements?

    When my DD knows she didn't have a good meet, even she doesn't want the participation medal.
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    Non-gymnastics Summer Camp

    My DD (9) is competing Level 7. Has taken at least 3 weeks off every summer- non gym sleepaway camp and family vacations. We think it's great. She's active but does no formal conditioning or practice at other gyms. I get the impression her coach would prefer less but she works hard when she gets...
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    Level 6 and 7

    Does anyone know what happens if a gymmie starts the season at Level 6 and scores well enough to qualify for state... then starts competing Level 7 but does not score well enough to qualify for state? Can she still compete at the Level 6 State meet?
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    Mental Issue with Squat On

    My daughter had an issue with her squat on for months. Not a block as she did it but she hated it and would panic all of practice because she knew it was coming. She was young enough we couldn't do the whole separate gym from home life- she kept coming to me upset wanting to know what to do...
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    Handstand question

    My daughter is also very strong but does not have good shoulder flexibility. She used to be able to hold a handstand for 30 seconds but her shoulders weren't "open" and she was arched- basically just holding it with brute strength. Once her coach insisted on the proper form she couldn't hold it...
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    College gymnastics and homeschooling

    I've heard some of the online schools are well established in re to NCAA eligibility? Anyone have experience with those?
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    College gymnastics and homeschooling

    Anyone have an idea what percentage of girls that compete in college home-schooled through high school? Is it a majority so that they have enough hours to train or do many do traditional high school?
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    gymnastics themed gifts

    Justice has come cute gymnastics clothes- warm-up pants, shirts with sequins that say Gymnast, my daughter likes. Last year we got a handpainted ornament off Etsy.