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Recent content by gymnast16

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    Level 5 vault

    Hello all, i was just wondering about the level 5 vault. How much deduction is it for a pike and no block? Also how do u get rid of the pike? I know that heal drive can help, but every time the vault is still pike?? Basically how to get rid of pike and add more block?? Thanks.
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    Too old for my level?

    No matter the age, gymnastics has no set age limit. You can be 25 and in level 5. You can also be age 16 and in level 5. Any age any level. I know it may be hard to compete with the younger girls, but find a gym where the girls who compete are at your level and age. Its also okay too, just...
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    When do you think i'll start learning back handsprings?

    STICK WITH IT! No matter how many times or who tells you you cant.... stick with it. BH's are usually learned in level 4, i am also at a late age and training level 5 , and 5'7 too. Do not give up, I have heard many say u cant do it, but ihave competed and won :)
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    level 5 floor music

    From you tube: YouTube - level 5 gymnastics floor music
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    warming up at meets

    In America, the general warm up is about 20 min.. on floor stretching and some tumbling. On each event except beam... 2 min warm up or soo so go as fast as you can! On beam it is one gymnast warms up, then competets... in betwen a gymnast warms up.. so so on
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    how many leos do you have???

    How in the world do you have 80 Leo's??? How long have you been doing gym? and how exspensive... what lvl r u in? How do yuo choose which one to wear each day!!! Do u get them from family??????? I have about 5....! I wish i had more but htey are expensive and its really all i need. I have GK...
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    Oh ok.. they are the beginner grips without the dowels. yes they take time getting used too... i used to only where them when i had rips, but wear them all the time. They are supposed to bunch up like the dowels... between the bar and ur fingers...
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    What is your favorite animal?

    Yes i agree, but giraffe
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    I am in level 5 and my grips are on the way, mailing to me soon. They are the dowel pixie grips. I am sure i will have to get used to the, give them time. I used to use the velcro beginners without the dowel, HATED them at first, but i like them know... what kind of grips are yuours?
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    Event Specialist

    Hello, currently, I am in level 5 gymnastics, and only a couple more years till college. One f the coaches at my gym recommended becoming a specialist in one or two events, to make the college team. Is this likely and a good idea? Basically, 2 full years to work on yurchenko fulls on vault if...
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    Levels 5 or 6?

    Hello, I just competed level 4 this fall. I am moving up to level 5, but want to move to level 6. Is this common, and how would i go about doing this? I have mostly everything for level 5 , and could have everything for level 6. How to tell my coach i have more stuff than they expect?
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    Deduction in Level 4 routine

    I am a gymnast, but know that it is almost a point for the connection, and up to .40 deduction for bent arms..... just connect it! what was the score...?
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    Level 7 music

    Hello, does anybody have the music options, and the music names for optional level, 7 and up?
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    Tips for hands(Front & Back tuck)

    Some tips might be to jump and get hieght with your arms up. when u are ready to flip and rotate, pull them into a tuck position, around your knees
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    USAG Gymnastics book

    Does anyone know the name of the USAG gymnastic book with al the compulsory routines, and tells you the requirements. A gym usually recieves this when they are competitive.