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    Floor music help!!

    Floor express does custom music. Barry took a piece and worked it for us and it was awesome. Prices were reasonable too.
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    Can you REALLY be deducted for...?

    Yes there is a deduction if they are not flesh tone or the same color of the leo
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    How long have you been at your current gym?

    8 years at the same gym. Started when she was 2 and now she is a 10 year old level 8.
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    What's yours or DD rec to team story?

    DD had 1 year of toddler classes and at age 3 was selected to train down the team path. Seems like everyone's team journey is different.
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    For Parents Gymnastic Music sites

    Jump twist, energym, floor express.
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    For Parents Anyone have size Child Large Leos they dont need?

    Your own gym may have generous team mates who pass down. I know DD selects girls she gives her leos to. On the other hand this is a very expensive sport and if you are struggling with the practice leo prices then the rest is really going to be a problem. Good luck.
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    Where do you keep your chalk?

    Our gym supplies our chalk.
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    For Parents Gymnastics stuff at Michaels

    Where are they located? I went to two separate stores and couldn't find anything.
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    For Parents What is the gymnast to coach ratio at your gym's compulsory levels?

    Wow ish all I can say. We have way larger numbers. Currently we have 16 girls over 3 levels to 1 coach. Level 4's are 22:1 Level 5 are 14:1
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    For Parents Junior Kip Bar is a HIT!!!!

    Half of the fun is playing and pink to boot nothing is better :-)
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    For Parents How things can change in a blink of an eye

    DD has her BWO on beam, front and back tucks are solid and clean. Kip cast above vertical, clearhip re kip consistant could hit the handstand more. Good luck to your gymmie in L8.
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    For Parents How things can change in a blink of an eye

    DD did well in:) her meet scoring a 36.0aa. It wasnt her best meet but she got the job done. She had not been training 5 leading up to the meet so she wasnt as polished as she could have been. I know had she stayed a 5 she would have had a rocking year like last. Our goals have been adjusted...
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    For Parents How things can change in a blink of an eye

    All I can say it has been a roller coaster ride lately. DD was hapily training level 5 and on her way to what looked to be a promising year. She was looking polished and ready for the season. All of a sudden the plans have changed. Coaches want to bump DD to level 6. After DH and I moved past...
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    For Parents What age does the ups and downs start?

    age 7 level 6 we are seeing it. Luck for older team mates to center DD. Give lovins and pull DD down
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    For Parents Meet Season Questions

    Wow we only have one season here. In the past it has ran from Nov through May. We have been on the same schedule as the optional levels. Two of our meets are out of state so they do not count for us to qualify for States. That is what is killer. OUr gym requires our girls to have a higher...
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