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Recent content by gymnastrachelle001

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    :):):):):) welcome to chalk bucket :):):):)
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    I have an announcment to make!

    hi im rachelle...... i have posted i think about 3 forums on me have a completely horrible time at gymnastics....for those who havent read them i am in level 5 and i just havent been having fun lately...so i have finally decided that im going to quit competitive gym and then do a rec class...
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    im sooooo bonfused!!!!!

    hello i have seen many many many threads with the word : DD in it but i have no idea what it stands for...i know its got something to do with daughter but what does it stand for? if someone could tell me it would b a great help! thank you!!!
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    Pros and Cons of wearing shorts to practice???

    i think a pro wuld b keeping warm.....and having people not see your wedgies some cons would b when it comes up to a competition the gymnast might not feel comfortble wearing just a leotard because they arent used to it
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    hey welcome to chalk bucket :) im fourteen (only just) and live in vic too :D:D:D:D
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    Weekly accomplishements

    when did u do giants alanna?????? i dont remember u doing them !!!
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    Weekly accomplishements

    :) :(:(:(:(:( im havent gone to gym yet this week....i am tomorrow though :):):):)
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    How to train for flares?

    what are flares???? sorry :(
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    im sorry that your meet didnt go so well but just like training, u have bad bays and good days. GOOD LUCK FOR YOUR GYM COMP......AND GUESS WHAT? I have a comp on that day too haha............GOOD luck and tell us how you go xx
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    Taking G.E.D. tomarrow....

    hey good luck!!! but what is a g-e-d????
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    maybe it IS time to quit

    hi everyone its Rachelle....i know that a few weeks ago i was feeling like i should quit gymnastics, wel i got over that but now since my last competition i have felt soooo sick of gymnastics.first: i will tell you about what happened at the comp: i went really bad on my routines but even...
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    :) Welcome To Chalk Bucket! :) :):)
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    Fly Aways :(

    could some one PLEASE tell me what dead cows are?!? haha so then i can help? Please :D
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    Hi from a coach!

    hello and welcome to chalk bucket!!!! :D :D :D :D:D:D:D:D:D
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    Level 5 Vault

    hello.....is the vault handspring to feet??