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    Men’s AA

    I was having flashbacks to 2001. I can’t believe it happened again.
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    8th Grader Verbally Committed Today. Class of 2023

    It’s very common to have college coaches come into the gym for a practice. They may be interested in someone or they may just be in the area and ask to come in. It’s not a bad thing for them to know that there is potential for them later. As someone said earlier, they’re just kind of on the...
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    Men's Qualification Rounds

    The equipment has to be approved by FIG. There is more than it looks or feels right that goes into it. I’m not sure how this equipment passed but I haven’t been in contact with it either. So there is a standard but I’m not sure how it stacks up.
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    Steve Penny arrested

    That’s my thought exactly. I didn’t think much of him based on a back and forth about bar dismounts. But it’s easier to understand how people fell into a trap of someone that seemed knowledgeable about certain health topics. Sometimes the people that act the most knowledgeable should be questioned.
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    8th Grader Verbally Committed Today. Class of 2023

    So several thoughts on this thread... First, my experience as an athlete that got a scholarship as a boy was different than the girl’s now. But I will say that I based my entire decision on my recruiting trip and how I felt about the team and coaches. My parents didn’t go to college and there...
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    Men's Team Finals Lineup

    It’s give and take. You add a guy for certain events but lose one for others. The guy at home had issues and has been anything but consistent over his career. Nothing says he would’ve been able to add enough to negate the loss. I think the team did a great job. They’re in the mix and that is...
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    Laurie Hernandez and Ashton Locklear problems?

    I agree that not everyone is going to be on the same page and that some people just aren’t going to fall into a team member roll. I don’t think the camps need to be in the style of Marta by any means. I like Tom and the way he is running things. I feel that that can’t hurt in building...
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    Laurie Hernandez and Ashton Locklear problems?

    I think another thing that needs to be considered is the lack or regular camps. The exposure to fellow girls going through the same challenges certainly lead to a better understanding of one another.
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    What do gyms do to attract great coaches?

    There is a ton of luck and circumstance involved. You have to find someone looking when you need one. The coach has to be the experience level you need as well. So timing plays a huge roll. Beyond that, experienced coaches are looking for many different things. Pay and benefits has a lot to do...
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    North Jersey Gym

    Craig at ENA is excellent and a very good guy. They’ve had several girls in the devo program in addition to olivia. They also have another girl competing at worlds for another country. I highly recommend them.
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    For Coaches New Business Questions

    I use Snyder insurance. They have been great and they were much lower than k&k. Cost is based on the number of students and what programs you offer.
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    For Coaches Veterans: post tips for new coaches

    Don’t assume you know the best way. Be open to other techniques. Look at what works and what has worked for you and your gymnasts. When you see a drill, actually evaluate it. Sometimes a minor tweak can make a huge difference. Steal every good idea and make it better. Otherwise you’re chasing...
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    Why the Continual Push to make the Upper Levels Harder?

    As a coach that used to be on the men’s side, the “up to level” and composition deductions still drive me nuts. I don’t get the point of saying it’s a 10.0 start (but not really). If something is needed to fulfill those requirements, then say it’s a 9.9. As a competitor in the era of the end of...
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    For Coaches Pirouettes and Post Arm

    Everyone has their own ideas on this. I tend to try to rely on what would’ve made sense to me as an athlete. The blind was harder to do than the pirouette and I think that’s true for most. So I usually let them do the blind whichever way feels comfortable and then do the pirouette. I can always...
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    Mushroom Moves

    Mogilney was an artist. Purest swing I’ve ever seen. Loved his work.
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