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Recent content by hunde2

  1. hunde2

    For Parents Just a little update

    We should start an ex gym parent group.
  2. hunde2

    For Parents Just a little update

    Sounds like she is happy and having fun. For my DD it has been 1 year since she quit and I still miss it too.Especially comp season and traveling.She is much happier and for the most part pain free without gymnastics and when I look back I remember being so worried about her too.Sometimes I have...
  3. hunde2

    Injured :(

    So sorry to hear about your injury.Hope you have a speedy recovery.
  4. hunde2

    For Parents Looks like we're done

    Netty I'm sorry to hear about Olivia being so stressed out. Our daughter never gave us any indications she wanted to quit until the day she actually told us. You probably remember her. She quit last May. Had nagging injuries 8 month out of the last year in gym.She still does not regret quitting...
  5. hunde2

    For Parents Daughter wants to quit

    Julio, sorry to hear about Jamie's struggle.It is not easy for a parent especially when your child has put so much of their time and effort into the sport and is so talented too. I been though it as you know.Overuse injuries and coaches pushing her too much along with that magical age is what...
  6. hunde2

    broke both ankles!

    Poor thing. I hope she heals up fast. Gymnasts are so tough when it comes to pain.
  7. hunde2

    For Parents Cute little video-BWO!

    Nice job. Hope next weeks practice goes better.
  8. hunde2

    Layout Tsuks on Vault

    I remember my daughter doing ro layout on the tumble track when she was training for the layout tsuk.
  9. hunde2

    Pole Vaulting anyone???

    Since DD quit gym she did track one season and tried pole vaulting x1. She really did well doing the triple jump which is technically a little more difficult than the long jump. She liked pole vaulting too and did pretty well for the first time.
  10. hunde2

    CUSTOM LEOTARDS: gk vs. dreamlight usa

    The last competition leo my daughter got was dreamlight.It was a little more expensive than the Gk she had a couple years before that. The dreamlight was cut very high on the hips and took some getting used to but it locked fabulous.The high cut makes gymnasts legs look longer and gives it that...
  11. hunde2

    Sweatpants Syndrom

    It is funny seeing this post after it was started about 2 years ago. Not so much sweatpants anymore here.We have a new favorite. It's the Spandex shorts syndrome.
  12. hunde2


    So sad. I truly can't find any words. I pray for her kids to be strong and grow up to be as kind as her.
  13. hunde2

    For Parents Is it time to quit?

    So sorry to hear about you and your daughters struggles.My daughter quit gym after 6 years because of injuries at the end of last season. She did summer track.Placed second at the triple jump at the state championships in her age group.Also tried pole vault and loves it. She also went to a...
  14. hunde2

    Cait's TOPs testing video

    Wow,she did awesome.
  15. hunde2

    For Parents DD quit

    Thanks, I also think she just wants to relax for a while. Funny thing at Track Practice was that the coach ask her if she used to do gymnastics and when my daughter said yes coach said she can see it on her run. So far she has only practiced the long jump and 100 meter dash once. She jumped...