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    For Parents GK Aly tank loyalty leo

    My daughter just got this leo. She usually wears an adult medium in her other GK leo's and that's the size she got in this and it fits perfect.
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    For Parents Not moving up levels due to other sports

    My daughter is a level 8 training level 9 gymnast. Her coaches have come out with a new rule that if you are participating in any other sports you cannot move past level 8. No matter what sport it is, softball, soccer, cheerleading, swimming, etc. Even if the practices don't interfere with...
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    Best camp for a 7 year old?

    Hi, I'm not sure where you are located but my 8 year old daughter went to Flipfest in Tennessee. She loved it and I cannot say enough good about it. It is a smaller camp and is a true camp experience with a lake, tubing, fishing, and ropes course. I actually stayed the week and volunteered...
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