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    For Parents Overuse Injuries in Young Gymnast

    So what would they recommend the EZ support for? Thanks, Imat3
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    For Parents Overuse Injuries in Young Gymnast

    rbw, thanks for posting all the useful information. My daughter has recently had a growth spurt and with that has had increased pain in her wrists. It has gotten to the point that she has just had an MRI...we should get the results in a few days. She uses Lion Paws (which I found out are the...
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    For Parents how far do you drive to the gym

    I drive 20 minutes each way. Not bad. There are two gyms closer. The girls get out of school at 3:50 and practice starts at 4, so we are usually 10-15 minutes late. Imat3
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    For Parents Is this good or bad...

    The good news: New compulsory floor music next year. Found this out at Congress this summer. Gyms will still have the option of using the old, but I assume most will want to use the new music. Imat3
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    For Parents Other parents taking video of your kid

    I completely agree that recording an athlete as a teaching tool or to show off to family are great ideas. However, that was not my concern at all in my original post. Imat3
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    For Parents Other parents taking video of your kid

    Thanks to you all for your thoughts, ideas, and input. The whole situation just makes me a little uncomfortable which is why I asked. Thanks again... Imat3
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    For Parents Other parents taking video of your kid

    This is the only parent who ever videos practice. I feel sorry for the little girl because she is just working on her routines...they are not perfect yet. She should feel comfortable making mistakes at practice, but when she is being recorded she has commented to my daughter that she wishes...
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    For Parents Other parents taking video of your kid

    Okay, I am just wondering if it happens to anyone else. If it does happen to you, what do you think about it and how do you handle it? I am personally having a bit of a problem with it, but not sure how to approach this parent. Also, I feel sorry for the child of this parent. The girl...
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    For Parents Coach to gymnast ratio?

    Our gym keeps very good ratios. Last year our level 4's had a total of 16 girls and usually 5 coaches. I think that had a lot to do with our 4's being State Champions. As level 5's, they now have 18 girls and will have 2 (sometimes 3) coaches. Our 4's this year only have 8 girls and 2...
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    For Parents Emily is now doing Standing BackTucks and doing it for an exhibition

    Sounds like Emily is really improving and enjoying the new gym. I bet she is excited that she is able to do all those advanced skills. She must be a very determined and motivated gymnast. I bet Madi will have a great season as a level 3. It sounds like your new gym will be working on...
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    firts level 6 meet scores!!

    Those are wonderful scores! Great job. Sounds like you will have a very successful level 6 season. Keep up the hard work. Imat3
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    My girls competed for 2 years in the USAG T&T program. They did level 5 & 6 on tumbling and double-mini tramp. They really loved the program. It is really great to watch at the upper levels...they get so much power from the rod floor and so much height off the double-mini and trampoline. I...
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    For Parents Air conditioning or no a/c

    No AC for us either. We do have big fans and lots of water breaks. :) We do have a heater in the winter though. Imat3
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    Acro Class in Dancing School?

    My girls took acro classes at a dance studio and it was fine until they decided to do gymnastics. At that point we realized that there had not been enough focus on proper technique. They had to re-learn alot of skills. I just think it could be confusing. Imat3
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    Welcome to the CB. There is a lot of great info. here. I have 3 girls...I bet you are even busier than I am with 4. :) They are alot of fun! I can't imagine what the teenage years will be like.:eek: Imat3
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