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    For Parents Can you "create" a superstar gymnast?

    Have a google of Tony Romaeo and his family, its chilling
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    For Parents How do you feel about 100% medals placements?

    It seems to be a USA vs Rest of the world (modified FIG) thing again. Top 3 get medals, usually at invitationals 60+ in each age group ( Usually in age, in age + 1, in age + 2, everyone else). Getting a medal is RARE, kids have no problem with rarely/never getting one, makes it oh so special...
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    For Parents So many injuries

    going back to the original question, its a really tough one to answer. My DD has just had her first real serious injury, her back. Thought it was spondy but the diagnosis seems to be irritation from growth and overuse, plus she is not using the right muscles for the right job. She has been...
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    For Parents Comp Leos

    how do these companies survive ? Over here there wold be hell to pay if they took longer than 6 weeks for custom orders
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    Are NCAA women gymnasts getting taller?

    Lol as someone who is the "short" one in my peer group and at 5'5" towers over Beth Tweddle I agree wholeheartedly
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    Are NCAA women gymnasts getting taller?

    the important thing is having coaches that will support them through these growth spurts, and not relegate them to the "also ran" groups during the difficult time so that they stay in through to "the other side", says the mum of a soon to be 14 year old who has grown 4 " this year
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    Horizontal displacement score

    luckily little lad trains on a 3/4 size bed at his club so he cant travel much
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    Horizontal displacement score

    its a good explanation of the new rules, I did smile to see "Highlander" is running the technical committee. I was watching the synchro this afternoon and it seemed to me a lot of pining happened on the nearest bed to the camera.
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    For Parents Supplements

    @profmom , have you read any Dr Ben Goldacre ? I think you would like him.
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    For Parents New to gymanstics and have some questions about talented and motivated 5 year old.

    Oh and the sweetheart thing, maybe he just hasn't learned her name yet ?
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    For Parents coaching method question

    sympathies, but really your experiences are not typical. My DD has girls in her squad who are competing from level 5 to level 3 and aged from 10 to 14, okay none are compulsory gymnast, but then the majority of UK gymnast aren't on the compulsory track. Sometimes its better to step away from...
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    Dressing during practice

    no undies for mine. She will be 14 soon ( where the heck did that time go) and has been in gym since she was 6, has never worn pants under her leo. She now wears crop tops because she feels self conscious about the booblettes, but when I suggested pants she was horrified, but then she does...
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    For Parents FIG/European competition scoring standards

    in Britain we use modified Fig. Scoring is much harsher here, falls are 1 mark, steps 0.1, 0.3 or 0.5 roughly the deductions are double. I have seen 4's regularly Just looking at the scores from the Quatro cup at the weekend, GB level 3 (10 years old ) (US Level 7/8) E scores ranged from...
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    For Parents Hair removal for young gymnast?

    ladyshave all the way
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