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Recent content by JessMom

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    For Parents Parent volunteer at competition

    We host at least 3 meets a year. We use to have a volunteer sign up but had drama with parents and kids. So now there are no volunteers. Scoring is all digital now, so there are no runners or score displayers. Just timers. The same person works the door all sessions, and the same person...
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    For Parents Visiting gyms on vacation

    Her coaches are thrilled. They think it's a great opportunity. We get guest gymnasts all the time. They encourage the girls to experience different gyms on vacation.
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    For Parents Visiting gyms on vacation

    We are traveling for a dance competition for our dancer and will be having our gymnast be a guest at a nearby gym while we are there. I found a gym with the same age range in the same level and they seem great. I think she'll have a great experience. Anyone ever do this? Any advise?
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    For Parents social group for L8 and L9 parents

    Can I be added please. Dd was level 8 last year training 9
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    For Parents Privates For Team Members

    At our gym anyone can do privates anytime there is a coach available. They also do open gym. Our open gym tends to be older kids and is after team practice so some just stay longer. I will say with team members privates are less what the gymnast wants to work on and more what the coach...
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    For Parents The dreaded mental block

    Ck out dr Alan Goldberg he's got great advice on blocks . Wish I found him last year https://www.competitivedge.com/persona/athletes
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    Are there any judges on here?

    I'm writing a parent guide and I think it would be great to include a little section on what judges want you to know . . . If you are a judge and you had an opportunity to communicate some things to parents what would you want them to know or keep in mind? Thanks
  8. J

    For Parents Abuse vs motivation

    I'm curious. Where do you think the line is? Is the line in the language used? Is it in the reaction / effect on the gymnast? I know there are many parents, in all sports, that have the mindset - as long as we win it's all good. I'll be the first to admit my daughter has been yelled a...
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    For Parents Questions about Hospitality

    We always separate judges and coaches and we always feed them both . Once we had to put them in the same room and put up a divider
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    For Parents Crazy Gym Parent Alert

    Signs that you maybe turning into a crazy gym parent if you . . . What do you think are signs that your crossing the line into crazy? I want to include this in the parent guide ;-) I have a feeling this could be fun to read LOL
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    For Parents private tumbling at a cheer gym? yes or no?

    I didn't read the other responses and I'm not an expert but cheer tumbling is different from gymnastics tumbling. Tumbling is set differently maybe because the floor surface is different? That's what I hear from the coaches at my gym that do both. Just something to be aware of. No privates...
  12. J

    How should a parent handle a difference of opinion with a coach? When to change gyms?

    I'm creating a team parent guide book and want to include a section about the correct way to handle a problem with a coach, disagreement with placement etc and making the decision to change gyms. I'm interested in others thoughts on the subject. What do you think a new or even veteran team...
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    For Parents Newbie advice?

    I have a glossary section for the back and yea, I cover all the different meet formats. hadn't thought about skills for each level. That might be worth looking into. Thanks
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    For Parents Flyaway Fear - what to do to help ?

    OMG this is the most common mental block! I found out myself last year! My daughter who had been doing a flyaway since 7 years old just one day last year at 11 stopped. And I mean stopped. Just would not let go of the bar. The coach would hold her physically by the waist until she would...
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    For Parents Newbie advice?

    For fun I was thinking of adding a section Signs that you maybe turning into a crazy gym parent . . . Thoughts? *insert evil laugh here