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    For Parents SylviaP Quality

    Wow, I would have said very high quality, but I haven’t seen anything from them for about six months, and didn’t realise they have started to manufacture overseas. That is a shame, as their quality really is their point of difference here. Their Australian website still says 95% of their...
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    Vaccine release in Nov

    Unless it turns out to be someone in the placebo group, which I am sure is the outcome they are hoping for. It is very serious, so you definitely wouldn’t want to roll out a vaccine until you could be sure it was an extremely rare reaction. I know two people who had TM. One recovered...
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    Vaccine release in Nov

    A vaccine generally available (for everyone, not just restricted use for high risk informed participants) that soon would be alarming. Anything manufactured and ready to roll out that quickly took a shortcut somewhere. As far as I know, none of the phase three trials currently taking...
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    Corona poll

    I have had anosmia with a bad cold before. Long before covid. It was very unpleasant and continued for a while after the cold resolved. But it definitely is not exclusive to covid.
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    For Parents Anyone gone back to school in person yet?

    I am so jealous of QLD right now! Much of my extended family is up there and of course I can not see them becase the border is shut. My nieces and nephews are living life nearly as normal whereas my daughters have had some milestone events cancelled, the younger one’s gym is open, then closed...
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    For Parents Anyone gone back to school in person yet?

    Schools have been back in Australia for months now, and they have just been honest from the start - that social distancing is not practical in schools. Teachers and parents were thrilled by this, of course. So they have acknowledged that if one kid in a class gets it, others might too, and...
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    For Parents Masks during practice -suggestions please, not debate

    I wear glasses that are quite soft and flexible, and over the years have been hit in the face by balls or kids flailing limbs, and I would like to caution that anything solid near the face, even if it is cardboard or flexible silicone, has the potential to break skin or bruise if there is an...
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    For Parents Would you report emotional abuse -- has anything really changed?

    Exactly this. This has been recognised by the gymnastics governing body in my state, and they have put together a campaign based on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. It takes the rights of a child to feel safe and respected and translates these to how that should look...
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    Corona poll

    Oh no ladybird! Best wishes for super-mild or asymptomatic cases for everyone. Or better still, a very mild case for your daughter and nobody else in the family testing positive.
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    Thoughts on Svetlana Khorkina interview?

    If someone’s agenda is a safe environment for gymnasts (as it should be for anyone involved in the sport when it comes to the topic of abuse) I am not sure that is something anyone should be aspiring to ‘put down’ in a quest for enlightement. I think it is possible to view Khorkina’s comments...
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    Corona poll

    3770 people in my (aus) state of 7.5 million people have had covid in the past six months. It probably is not surprising that I do not know any of them. A kid at one of my daughters’ schools had it in April, but that is as close as it has come to us. And I had withdrawn my kids from school...
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    Herd Immunity

    Current vaccines are, by and large, based on tried and true science. If the current frontrunner, Moderna’s mRNA vaccine, goes to market, it will be the first mRNA vaccine to do so, ever. It is radically new vaccine technology - it basically inserts code into your cells that gets them to...
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    Herd Immunity

    I know this borders on politics, but it is discussing systems rather than ideology, and is, I promise, nonpartisan so hopefully it does not break the rules. We have a country that consists of states with their own governments and a federal government. Here, states have responsibility for...
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    Is anyone else struggling with being on a different page than your significant other with Covid?

    That is sort of terrifying. Hopefully it is because lots of cases aren’t being identified, and it isn’t actually killing 4% of people who catch it. It is 1.03% here, and all along has fluctuated between just above and just below one depending where we are in the surge-death cycle, and how...
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    For Parents Leotard Companies

    My daughter’s gym is mostly crop tops and shorts or leggings. I think most Australian gyms are. Particularly in the over ten age group. In summer it is just so hot some days that every square cm of extra fabric is torture. At a previous gym we were at the men often trained shirtless for...
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