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    Can someone judge my dd's last floor routine?

    My coach says she'd be happy to take a look at it.
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    Super Grips American Flag

    So, basically I have two main questions. A) how long do bar grips typically last for, for each level (1-10) of gymnastics? B) is there anywhere in the UK I can buy Super Grips with the American Flag on them?
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    Back walkovers and handsprings?

    What kinds of things help you get these skills? I can't join my clubs squad until I have either of these skills so I'd like to get them pretty quickly! Also, to do a yurchenko vault what skills do you need to have?
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    Tiger Paws?

    I have now! Thanks, I found some and have ordered them! :)
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    Tiger Paws?

    I need tiger paws for my vaulting but I live in the UK and can't find any anywhere and all the ones in the US cost $50 to ship. Does anyone know any places I can get them in the UK or places that would ship cheaply to the UK? Thanks! X
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    Help with flat backs and hand springs?

    Thanks, I've tried that today and its really helped. My coach said what I need to improve on now is getting my arms up by my ears rather that swinging them over the top!
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    Help with flat backs and hand springs?

    My problem is getting my heels up fast enough before hitting the table if that makes sense!
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    Help with flat backs and hand springs?

    I'm at camp this week and there are a few skills I'd like to improve, including my flat back and handspring on vault... Has anyone got any useful tips I could use?!
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    Kyla Ross floor music 2013

    Does anyone know the name of Kyla Ross's new floor music (the one she debuted at the 2013 Secret Classic)???
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    US National Championships

    Does anyone by any chance know what channel the US National Championships 2013 will be on in the UK this year?
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    Milano leotard

    I found it! It's called the infinity bodice!
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    Where do you keep your chalk?

    I was just wondering where you guys (Gymnasts) keep your chalk? I've seen girls at my gym keep in in Grip Bags, or some in little plastic tupperware boxes. Where do you guys keep yours??
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    Packing List?

    I have decided, at the very very very... last minute, to join my friend who is going to Rushmoor Gymnastics Summer Camp. However, I was wondering what exactly I should bring? I have heard that many girls change their leotards after their lunch break so should i bring 2 for each day? (Also, some...
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    Rushmoor Gymnastics?

    Actually I'm at her house right now and she is posting this with me so no offence but its not really any of your business if she lets me borrow her account. If your not going to answer my question or post anything helpful, intelligent or worthwhile then please don't post here anymore.
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    Rushmoor Gymnastics?

    Hello, I am not jesstsherratt, I am her friend (who is going to Rushmoor Summer Camp 2013) and she told me that some people on here have daughters who have been to the camp and I was wondering if anyone was given a packing list or would be able to tell me what and how much to pack? For example...
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