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    For Parents Yet another sever's question

    This was a pediatric sports med attached to our children's hospital. I will continue to call but also see what our options are for a standard sports med dr, since we aren't able to get in touch with the peds dr. Thank you for your input!
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    For Parents Yet another sever's question

    I don't think it does. We don't need a referral for specialists.
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    For Parents Yet another sever's question

    I'm keeping her out this week, darn Doctor still hasn't called back!! I called 3 times yesterday, always told by the automated system that there were 9 callers ahead of me, left 2 voicemails, with no call back. Looking for a new dr now.
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    For Parents Yet another sever's question

    None, just ice and elevation
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    For Parents Yet another sever's question

    I feel bad for the amount of pain she is in...and she is so bored in the gym. She says that it hurts to do splits anymore, which makes sense that her leg muscles probably are very tight. She is tiny, and turned 8 2 months ago. Maybe she is going to finally catch up with her counterparts :)
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    For Parents Yet another sever's question

    I've put a call into dd's sports med dr but no call back...and I'm concerned. Back story, dd has complained of right heel pain off and on over the summer, finally pretty consistently for 2-3 weeks. We tried resting it, she has fabulous coaches that are very knowledgeable. She was doing constant...
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    New gymnastics novel

    Just ordered it too :)
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    number of meets this year?

    The past 2 years have been 9-10, including states. We haven't gotten a schedule for this year yet but I'm assuming it'll be the same
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    For Parents Daughter is forced to stop gymnastics

    I can't imagine how disappointing for her and you, as parents. I'm sorry and hope she can heal up quickly and make a full come back!
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    For Parents Questionable coaching practice?

    Like this? Dd doesn't do it often, but I believe it stretches behind their knees to allow them to hyperextend a bit. I would never want a full grown man to do it though!
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    Hours a week for training

    Level 3-12 hours Level 4/5-16 hours Level 6/7-20 hours Level 8-10 train 6 days a week, not sure on total hours
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    For Parents Non gym parents & Elite question

    My 7 year old is there for 19 hours, but she keeps asking for family thinks we are crazy
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    A? for optional and xcel parents...

    Dominic Zito (USAG national team choreographer)...I think it's 1 hour slots but not sure of all the details. They keep routines for 2 years. (This is for optionals, I don't know how they work it out for excel)
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    A? for optional and xcel parents...

    The email just went out for our gym, if I recall it was $600-$675!!!!! I'm happy dd is still compulsory!
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    Cheap gymnastics apparel?

    Snowflake is great! Their sizes run similar to GK
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