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Recent content by kevchriswilli

  1. kevchriswilli

    Plano/Dallas Gymnastic Options ... Moving Soon

    We are from this area. If I can help in any way just let me know. We know several people at pretty much all the gyms. :)
  2. kevchriswilli

    New group for L10 parents

    Would love to be added...
  3. kevchriswilli

    For Parents Well, How did Everyone's Kids do At States?

    Awesome job!!!! Way to go!!!! Tell her congrats!! So happy for her!!:)
  4. kevchriswilli

    For Parents Anyone else's dd getting ready for States this weekend?

    Yes, she did move up to Level 10..... Also has grown quite a bit this year...She has had a difficult time staying on beam. ;) Actually had fallen pretty much ever meet until our home meet. We just got back from states....She did ok... but fell on floor. We did make it to Regionals.. so she...
  5. kevchriswilli

    For Parents Anyone else's dd getting ready for States this weekend?

    Granny, Good luck to your DD~~ We have state this weekend also... It's been a rough year for DD... falling about ever meet!! so we have no clue on how it will go! :)
  6. kevchriswilli

    Level 10 bar question

    My daughter competed on Saturday noon session on the white floor. We will be back out there next weekend for the All Oylmpia meet in LA. I thought the meet ran very smoothly and quick. :)
  7. kevchriswilli

    Level 10 bar question

    We were there also!! Wish I would of known to look for your daughter! I thought the routine was nice!!!
  8. kevchriswilli

    For Parents When the monthly cost of gym equals a mortgage payment...

    Hi, sorry haven't posted in a while!! But try to read when I can. just wanted to say congrats to your daughter Bookworm!!!!.. What college? :)
  9. kevchriswilli

    For Parents Maybe we need a little roll call

    She has a website.. come visit anytime to keep up with her. The Official Website of Jordan Williams What gym did you friend move to? We have quite a few gyms in the area that people move from all over. Surprises me.. mom's with just their daughters and leaves the rest of family just to train.
  10. kevchriswilli

    For Parents Maybe we need a little roll call

    Hello everyone... been around a few years off and on. DD is 12 and will compete level 10 and training elite. We don't compete until Jan. so we will see what happens. :)
  11. kevchriswilli

    For Parents Level 10 Nationals anyone?

    We have 3 going from our gym!!! Go Region 3!!!! J competed last weekend at Westerns.. She did pretty well. 9th AA in Jr A and 4th on floor and 5th on beam. :) We are proud!!!
  12. kevchriswilli

    L9/10 gymnast with Sever's

    We are in your same boat....DD has battled with it from level 4... she is now 12 and now a level 9 and we have westerns this weekend. She has been hurting the past month..all we can do is ice it and stretch it out everyday. Who knows when it will actually stop. We go through heel cups every...
  13. kevchriswilli

    Level 9 Regionals update

    Congratulations!!! that's great news!!!
  14. kevchriswilli

    Going to Level 9 regionals!

    Good luck to you DD!!! We have regionals also and will compete Saturday!
  15. kevchriswilli

    workouts twice a day

    In the Dallas area it is common but you don't have to. Our gym has both programs. My DD is a level 9 and we choose the 2 a day program because it gives her more time home in the evening with us. Before she started school at 7 and was not home until around 9 at night. Now she is home by...