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Recent content by kimute

  1. kimute

    Sprained toe recovery / travel meet

    My DD (13 yo level 9) sprained the toe next to her pinky toe when it tucked under on a vault landing three days ago. X-ray confirmed no break and she can walk on it, do trampoline, no problem. It is a little swollen and hurts to tumble/land. Not a big deal injury, but we have a travel meet in...
  2. kimute

    Humeral (shoulder) head growth plate fracture

    Thank you CuriousCate! I'm so sorry you are dealing with the same thing. I just read your initial injury story. My DD did this three weeks ago, so is right there with your daughter. We were just slow to MRI so just got the diagnosis. She's already not used the arm for three weeks and we see...
  3. kimute

    Humeral (shoulder) head growth plate fracture

    MRI results just back. My 13 yo has a fracture in the growth plate of her shoulder. Does anyone have recovery experience with this? Competition season is late January and wondering if any stories can inform her possibilities. Thank you!
  4. kimute

    HBO "At the Heart of Gold"

    I think I'm going to have my 13 year old watch it.
  5. kimute

    Junior Olympic Are vacations really not okay??

    We have taken a three-week bike trip through Europe every other summer and plan one again this year. Our DD seems to come back to skills quickly. I think it helps that she is bicycling 35-50 miles a day in her "time off"! We take an additional summer week off where we just chill with extended...
  6. kimute

    Random injury

    A teammate of my daughter went to the Dr today because of tailbone pain. Dr. said it is just muscular, stretch this week with no pounding and should be fine in two weeks. Hope your story ends similarly!
  7. kimute

    Three weeks wrist cast, five weeks until states

    Update!!! Five weeks out of cast DD competed AA at regionals. Didn't place and fell on bars. But she landed both her Tsuks and rocked floor. She isn't thrilled with her results but I'm super proud of her grit and determination!
  8. kimute

    Three weeks wrist cast, five weeks until states

    Yes, salto passes out of one-handed round-offs and a no-handed front pass. It didn't really look different than other routines to me. I also got her a beige wrist guard to protect the injured hand in case of a fall but it didn't look much different than a tiger paw. We went to a meet a couple...
  9. kimute

    Three weeks wrist cast, five weeks until states

    Oh no! It was a one handed routine!
  10. kimute

    Three weeks wrist cast, five weeks until states

    Just updating everyone and thank you for all your advice and kind words. DD got her cast off two weeks ago today and seems to be healing well. She competed floor at states last weekend and was happy to medal with a 9.15. She was "graduated" from PT yesterday and is working up skills for...
  11. kimute

    Injury week of State Meet

    We are petitioning to regionals region 1, Level 8 and I read that you need to get the scores/Dr. note in by Monday after state or Wednesday if the gymnast was injured at the State meet. I don't think every region is the same though.
  12. kimute

    Three weeks wrist cast, five weeks until states

    Just an update. My DD got her cast off today! Dr. gave her a splint and said work back to full tumbling in (he expects) three weeks. We started hand therapy this afternoon and I think she should regain her strength and flexibility well over those weeks. It wasn't as bad as I expected. With...
  13. kimute

    how old is the youngest female L10 gymnast?

    That is such an awesome schedule!! My DD goes to school from 8:20-3:15 and gym from 3:45-8:45 most days. 12 YO level 8. I miss her. I am so jealous!
  14. kimute

    Movie recommendations (off topic)

    Thanks all! I was listening to the Greatest Showman soundtrack as these came through. I love that one. Many others I haven't seen. DD and I will have a preview party tonight!
  15. kimute

    Last minute change to vault height

    This may not be at all relevant, but my DD accidentally tried vaulting at a higher height during meet warm-ups and found she did better! Now she vaults at the higher height!