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Recent content by LittleLady

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    From Russia with love!

    Welcome Annak! You are very talented with making leotards. How can I arrange for you to make one for me? Please let me know! :)
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    Try getting a cut that is longer in front than in the back so when you put it into a ponytail for gymnastics the ponytail will be even. Bangs are a great look. You can always put styling gel on to make them look the way you want. What you don't want is hair hanging in your eyes or covering your...
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    New Rules - Level 8

    Thanks for responding. USAG then needs to take a long, hard look at what their rules are doing to this sport. There are many ways a gymnast can stand out in competition without performing dangerous elements. Style and originality should be rewarded as well as encouraged. Rule changes that will...
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    New Rules - Level 8

    FIG needs to change the rules for any gymnast doing Level 8 and Up. I watched National Championships and was very disillusioned by the state of the sport of ARTISTIC gymnastics! The girls trained by Valeri Luikin all performed the same elements in their balance beam routines, just in a different...
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    Too old to compete?

    I retired from gymnastics at age 16. After I was married and had my son, when he was two years old I decided to do gymnastics again to get back into shape. I was 22 then. At age 34 I became State Champion on balance beam, vault and floor exercise, won third place on bars and won Silver...
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    14 year old with 7 and 8 year olds?

    Dear Patrithang, I was 33 years old at Level 8 training with teenagers. As far as I could perceive, they looked up to me and I helped encourage them all I could. Work at the level you are at no matter what age the girls are in your group! Your passion for gymnastics will rub off on them and...
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    This week I accomplished...

    Great work everyone! Progress is soooooo sweet! I myself did dive cartwheels to demonstrate for the Level 5 gymnast I give private lessons to. I almost didn't put my hands down so I'm very close to getting my side aerial back! I almost did a kip today on my bar on my sun porch to show my niece...
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    mental block

    gymnast97, When you begin your backwalkover with your arms straight and by your ears, tell yourself, "The beam is straight behind you! It is NOT going to move." Go straight backwards and KNOW that the beam will be there. Keep your hands close together. Kick off your leg as soon as you grab the...
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    Gymnasts With Injured Backs?

    I suffered from severe back pain for over six years and no doctor could figure out what was wrong. I couldn't even sit down without feeling like I was going to pass out from the pain. After going to a chiropractor for 1 1/2 years, he broke my root canal tooth by accident and the dentist had to...
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    What do you think about on the beam

    I always focused on keeping my belly button over the beam at all times. If all other mechanics are correct, this helps you land elements on balance. The initiation of a skill is the most important phase. I would say in my mind, " Good form, correct beginning and trust it." This worked for me...
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    When I was 2 years into gymnastics (age 24) after coming back from retiring at age 16, I arm wrestled with a friend of my Father many times. He was about 45 years old and strong. I never beat him, but he could never push me past somewhat vertical. :D Believe me, he was trying!
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    Hi curefan85! Welcome! It sounds like you had a great class. Your enthusiasm will be much appreciated around here. Keep it coming! :)
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    Sorry Catya! I'm getting very frustrated with the state of gymnastics in general myself. There is far too much emphasis on young gymnasts ever since Nadia became an Olympic Champion at age 14! Not everyone has the talent Nadia had. She was unique and in my opinion no gymnast has come close to...
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    what are your routines?

    This is the bar routine I want for when I compete again at Level 8 Mount (from board between the bars) Free Front Hip Circle, cast bent hip straddle up HS, 1/2 pirouette, glide, Reverse Kip to HB (catch mixed grip), Peach Salto, switch glide, kip, cast Free Straddle over LB to hang on HB (mixed...
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    Exciting News!! :)

    That is exciting news, gymnafreak! Enjoy your training there and your new friends. It's always nice to hear good news. ;)