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Recent content by marie83

  1. marie83

    New to Gymnastics, would love some advice.

    Ah glad it's all worked out well so far!
  2. marie83

    2017 Voluntary levels results

    West Midlands from Birmingham flames Website http://www.flamesgymclub.org.uk/data/2017/regional_fig_levels%20_championships_%202017.pdf
  3. marie83

    New to Gymnastics, would love some advice.

    Hi! A uk coach and gym owner here. Just to reiterate what the others have said really. 7 is definitely not too old. It probably is for elite track (but not always) At our club we tend to look at 7 year olds for our novice squad. These gymnasts train for anything between 4 and 9 hours per...
  4. marie83

    coaches telling me different things about handstands...

    If you can, hang on a bar. Whilst hanging, hide your ears and then glance at your hands without moving your head at all. Doing this has helped some of my gymnasts understand the head position. :)
  5. marie83

    Coach Work-Outs for Bars

    Yes! I've had back and upper leg pain for some years now and it's definitely aggregated by supporting bars. My physio told me to join in with the gymnasts stretches as well as doing Pilates and foam rolling every day. I must admit stretching with the gymnasts does help when I remember/have the...
  6. marie83

    Looking for calf compression sleeves

    They have become very popular here and one of the leotard companies have started making them (pink leisure wear). Not sure if they ship to the states, but might be worth looking. Being a leo company they definitely make them with gymnasts in mind.
  7. marie83

    My gymnast is.... Phone Game!

    My gymnast is my hero awwww
  8. marie83

    Where is this music from?

    Sorry! I was almost totally wrong. Holly Jones British 2015 Still Welsh! ;)
  9. marie83

    Where is this music from?

    Latalia Bevan used it at the British 2016 (If I remember correctly) Pretty sure it was a welsh gymnast if not Latalia! I love it - there is some great contemporary dance choreography to it!
  10. marie83


    No deduction - most coaches wish their gymnast's had knees like this as it makes for much prettier lines. Just be careful as you don't want to damage your ligaments.
  11. marie83

    Grades 2017 results

  12. marie83

    Grades 2017 results

    West Midlands club grades 6&5 and regional 4. Such huge categories!!! :eek: http://www.flamesgymclub.org.uk/data/2017/Grades%206%205%204%202017.pdf
  13. marie83

    Grades 2017 results

    West mids compulsory, national and regional 3,2 and 1 http://www.flamesgymclub.org.uk/data/2017/Comp%20March%202017%20results.pdf Club 6 & 5 and regional 4 are on 1st/2nd April
  14. marie83

    Today Facebook reminded me...

    Oh boy! :confused::eek::p