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    All I want to do is sleep

    For me reading works the best - it takes your thoughts away from everything as you concentrate on the story. When I go to bed I grab a book and read. It usually does not take long until I start to doze off...when I notice this I put the book aside, switch the light off and usually fall asleep...
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    My latest photos.......

    My photos from the SUI vs GER vs ROU meet last weekend are starting to come online at The Examiner now. This is the first gallery, but more should follow - hope you like them! Photo gallery: ROU-SUI-GER friendly meet, part one - National Gymnastics |
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    who is your FAVORITE gymnast?

    1 who is your favorite gymnast of all time? actually Gina Gogean - she was my first long term favorite gymnast 2 who is your favorite gymnast that is still currently competing? Anna Pavlova 3 who is your favorite american gymnast? Nastia
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    Do you love travelling?

    Yes, I really do want to visit Australia one day. I can not decide what I want to see more though...Australia or New Zealand. I would love to do both within one travel as it is so far. I am not even American but still this is on top of my list of wanted travels. :) The plan I do have for this...
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    Do you love travelling?

    Oh yes, China must be interesting!! Our neighbours actually have been there in October last year, and about one week ago they invited us to see their photos from the trip. It looked pretty amazing. Everything is kind of huge and crowded, some things are really high tech and then in between there...
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    Do you love travelling?

    I certainly do!! I have not had the chance to see all too many different countries yet, but still have my dreams of course and a big travel iin my plans for this year. So I was surfing around for travel information the other day and this got me to the idea to possibly get a forum up for...
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    A message board all about dance?!?

    Hey everyone! :) I have had some time on my hands this past weekend and played around on a forum. I had this idea to get one up that is supposed to be all about dance as there are so many people who love dance out there. I think it could become a really nice and fun place. The forum should...
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    writting to gymnatic champions

    I wrote to and received a personal letter as well as a signed photo from Vanessa Atler. I also received personal letters from Annika Reeder, Katja Abel and Adriana Crisci.
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    EYOF photos

    Just wanted to let you all know that our photo galleries are online now! :) We hope you will like the pictures!! gallery 1 with Team Romania EOYF 2009 Tampere Finland gallery 1 gallery 2 Team Russia EYOF 2009 Tampere Finland gallery 1 gallery 3 Team Suisse EYOF 2009 Tampere Finland gallery...
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    Tips on taking better photos at gymnastics meets

    Thanks so much for your reply - I am really happy to hear that you like my photos. I am always happy if I am able to help someone improve on photos as I also started from scratch myself and learnt from my own experience and talking to other people. You are really lucky to already have the...
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    Tips on taking better photos at gymnastics meets

    I just read the section on photographing gym meets on your blog. I have been taking gymnastics photos for around 10 years now and collected experiences over the years. I definitely agree with you on needing a good camera (I have the Canon EOS 20D - now that would be the 40D/50D compared) as well...
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    Hi, new uk coach

    Hello there and welcome on here! :) I am sure there are quite a lot of British people around here by now and you will make lots of contacts. I love the fact of this forum having so many people from all possible different countries. :)
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    USA WAG tour in Europe

    Yes that`s right - they won again! :) We now have the first two galleries up on the website - these are on the US-team. More galleries will follow soon!! :) Enjoy!!! :)
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    USA WAG tour in Europe

    You are welcome! :) Today is the dual meet against France - it will be interesting to see how those results are compared to the meet here in Germany. :) We are still having more photos to come...
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    USA WAG tour in Europe

    We have been at the GER vs USA dual meet yesterday and start putting photos online. For everyone interested in having a look so far we have these up: Team USA: Gymnastics United - Results and photos Team Germany: Gymnastics United - Photos Team Germany We also have results up and if you have...
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