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    First Win in All-Around!

    Holy Cow! She is amazing! There will be lots more trophies and medals coming her way. Congrats!:)
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    First Kip

    congrats on making a kip, thats something most people cant do.
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    Clank clank! Shameless Brag alert!

    Those are great scores! Congrats to her! :applause:
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    when is your season?

    Here season is from oct- april for compulsorys
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    Finally in TX..update on little gymmie

    Glad you guys are getting settled and that your gymmie is happy with her gym so far.
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    Meet result and Floor Routine.Warning-Long Post

    Congrats to her for winning on floor. Hopefully the next meet is better for her.
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    Last L4 meet

    Sounds like she is doing wonderfully. Its so exciting for them to move on to level 5. I think my dd will be a level 5 repeater next yr.
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    Baby Bog's first meet and videos Looooong

    :applause: for Baby Bog!!! Glad it she got though it with a smile. Having to use a fake name is hilarious though almost like being in the gymnast protection program :lol:
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    Help with leo

    Is the can of soup working? Thankfully our gym uses velvet GK competition leos on the level4s and up so that they stretch and are more comfortable. We have had dds CL for 4 yrs now and with only 6-8 meets a yr they havent worn out either. Its funny in regular GK leos she wears a AXS but in the...
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    Drama in the viewing area

    : paraniod: :eek:
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    Bogs video

    We'll keep sending good thoughts and prayers her way
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    Bigger Bog Meet report

    Did she qualify Bog?
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    Bogs video

    :hug:The judge was sleeping it looks like to me. Did T qualify? :allears:
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    Actor or Actress that makes you cringe...

    Agh! Tom Cruise should be chased by a angry group of postpartum women. I bet he woud be begging for medication.:mad: I had PPD with my twins and I wanted to slap the snot out of him when he said that. Madonna. I can put her in the group since she TRIED acting :D If she would or could ACT...
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    Online Indicator

    That is weird. I wonder why it wont let you switch. What browser do you have? Sometimes I will get quirky things happening and if I switch browsers they will go away.