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    Skill values and connection

    Hi y’all people who know the COP well can you tell me the skill values and connection values for the following Clear hip handstand + Clear hip 1/1 + Tckatchev Toe on to HS + Bail to HS + Toe on to high bar And what value is a full twisting double layout Thanks you guys!
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    Region 5.....

    It is per age group
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    Competition Leo open back

    My Dds leotards have open backs, she wears a clear strapped bra.
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    Junior Olympic Level 10 floor question

    So my ODD just did level 9 and she competed a double tuck, a double full, and FHS FLO front pike. Whats required for level 10 tumbling and is this a good foundation. She is working double pikes and double lays on a soft landing and 2.5 twists. Any replies are appreciated...thanks.
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    Junior Olympic Questions for parents of level 8-10 gymnasts

    So, this probably varies from gym to gym but how common is it to do multiple years of these levels. My ODD went from level 5 then tested out of 7, competed 8, then this year 9. She did very well and got 2nd AA at easterns. But at our gym its very common to compete 2 plus years of level 8 and 9...
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    Backward Tumbling Required?

    You have to have a back layout in level 7 but thats it I think
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    Junior Olympic Summer Training Hours

    Last year my daughter was going 7 did 25 hours a week
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    Layout step out on beam question...

    Is there a deduction for lack of arch on a layout step out on beam? I have seen this skill two ways like this at 6:15 and Which one is the "correct" way to do it? Im confused Thanks!
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    Random question...

    Thats funny! One of our level threes did that as well this season. We also had a level 10 from our gym get a 9.9 on vault
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    Random question...

    I was just curious...whats the highest score you've seen in person at a meet?
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    Talk to me about front handspring front vault

    I don't think its allowed either but I just searched up the level 8 vault chart it wasn't on there
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    Can someone take a look at this vault plz...

    Well...she did them on a mat in the pit today and landed feet first then fell to her butt so I guess that answers my question and again Im sorry if what I said was harsh or rude my daughter is a perfectionist and I was only trying to help.
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    floor music help

    One of my DDs teammates has King of the Fairies its rally pretty and might work! :)
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