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    Booster Club Question

    Hi, There is a topic being brought up at our next Booster club meeting. Some think that when voting, making decisions, etc each FAMILY should get a vote, others think each GYMNAST should get a vote. We have a very small team and there are 3 families with 2-3 gymnasts which is not quite half...
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    For Parents How large are your compulsory teams

    This is the first I have ever heard of a gym capping their numbers. That stinks!! At both gyms we have been to here it is all about the have them, you move up, you don't have them, you don't move up. I don't get why they couldn't allow more girls if they were ready!
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    For Parents Competition?

    My girls are both gymnasts. My younger dd will compete as a 7 YO in L4 this fall. She is going into first grade. She started gymnastics at 2 1/2-3 years old. My oldes dd will compete as an 11 year old this year (she is almost 4 years older than younger dd) in L5 this year. She is going into...
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    How much for level 3 0r 4

    central Indiana Old gym L3-preteam went 3 hrs a week for $70 /month L4-went 6.5 hrs week for $99/month L5-went 8.5 hours a week for $120-130 a month Newer gym (been there four months) L4-L7 team 8.5 hrs a week for $138 /month It is a smaller gym.
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    BIG Gym or small Gym???

    I have had the same experience as you. We just switched from a bigger gym to a smaller one and are much more happy with the individualism our girls are getting. At the old gym, the 'good' coaches worried about the optionals and then the others were jsut kind of going through the motions a lot...
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    For Parents Anyone competing this weekend?

    My 10 yo L4 dd is competing at Circle Of Stars in INdianapolis on Sunday. This is a huge meet at the convention center with 5 gyms set up going all weekend....thousands of gymnasts from all over.
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    For Parents I took my daughter to our other level 4 girls practice last night (rant)

    I have had to deal with coaching issues recently too. Our gym tried to have parties during our practices and once we brought it up, they moved the pactice times us with the party following. I personally would tell my gym that they either need to reschedule those practices or credit your...
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    For Parents Best Meet of the Season!

    She did a wonderful job!! Especially that beam was gorgeous!!!! Thanks for sharing!!
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    For Parents Getting Ready to Switch Gyms

    ANyone else gone through the process of switching gyms? State is a month away and we are 99% sure we are going to take the girls to another gym. My oldest is 10 yo L4 and while she scores a 34 in every meet, she has scored a 34 in practically every meet. There has been lots of coaching...
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    New from Indiana

    Hello, My name is Kathy. I am mom to four kids, two of which are gymnasts. I look forward to meeting others on here!
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