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    For Parents Question about moving between levels

    if a gymnast competes 5 once and does not score out, then moves to a new gym where they want her to do 4 again, can you move back down after competing 5? Thanks.
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    For Parents Safety of equipment

    Can anyone tell me if gyms (for insurance) have to have equipment inspected for safety? Our gym has several things that are questionable, safety wise. Thanks
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    For Parents Cheerleading floors dangerous?

    It has some spring but nothing like gymnastic floors. When our girls go to competition they live the gymnastic floors.
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    For Parents Cheerleading floors dangerous?

    This is the only floor in our gym. They do routines, tumbling etc. everything on this floor. It is very different than a gymnastic floor, not as much bounce and it is not carpeted. There are soft or dead spots the girls hit sometimes and it's my girls say it just feels like a dip. I just really...
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    For Parents Cheerleading floors dangerous?

    Do any of you guys have experience with cheerleading floors being used for gymnastic training too? Our gym has had a few too many arm/elbow injuries and I was wondering if the cheer floor may have something to do with it? It has these soft spots all over. Thanks for any info!
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    For Parents Summer camps?

    Alabama camp is full so we didn't get in. I just wondered if Karolyi is more hype about the name or if it really is a good camp? My daughters really want to go to Karoylis but I'd love info on how good it is. Thank you.
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    For Parents Summer camps?

    looking for a good quality summer camp in the south/central areas. Which ones are really worth it? Karolyi? Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!
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    For Parents new "Homeschool Group"

    Would love to join, we homeschool too!
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    For Parents TOPS boot camps

    Can anyone tell me of possible TOPS boot camps this summer? Thanks so much!
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    For Parents Move or not to move

    Thank you for all input. All other gyms are 45 minutes to hour away. So yes it would be a commitment for us all. I think she has great promise and would love to see what happens with 5 more hours a week in the gym.
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    For Parents Move or not to move

    Yes it is very low, that's why I'm so concerned.
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    For Parents Move or not to move

    Also, how far is too far to drive for gymnastics?
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    For Parents Move or not to move

    Not satisfied with current gym for several reasons, (She is level 3) but this is biggest, we get only 4 hours in gym a week and no more as move up. She has scored 1st AA at all meets this season so feel confident she should move up to 4. My question is at what point do we decide to make bigger...
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    Anyone with experience of rehabbing after bilateral elbow dislocation/surgery?

    My daughter dislocated both elbows and had surgery with 3 pins in each elbow. We have not been given the go ahead to get back into gymnastics she is only conditioning and doing skills that do not require arms. Just wondering what our odds are getting back in and how hard mentally/physically it...
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    Hours a week for training

    Thanks guys for all your input. Anyone want to come lobby for me? LOL I will do my best to try to get more time. :)
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