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    For Parents Chalk bucket baby is and your DD are INSPIRATION to all!! Thank you for sharing your journey with our community.
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    For Parents Move Ups

    Congrats!! Please keep us posted.
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    For Parents For those with gymnasts who DON'T look forward to summer training....

    My DD loves the training and the conditioning but her bff in the gym hates both. DD works hard to get her bff through the summer but realized two summer's ago her friend has to work through her own fears but she supports her all the way through.
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    Off to Nationals

    Wow.....just beautiful!! That bar routine was exquisite!!!! Thank you for sharing.
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    How much cost

    Just curious Gymbeam...are there classrooms set up in the gym?
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    For Parents Some Parents need to find their filter

    I'm sorry to read this post. People are so mean it's unbelievable. Karma is a you know what.....
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    Rough Day

    Prayers, hugs and good thoughts your way. You dd is an amazing role model!!! Hoping this will pass soon. Please keep us posted
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    Strap bar giants

    My DD witnessed a girl fall right out of the straps last year in old gym, she still has nightmares about her cries. She still loves strap bars thank goodness bc gym uses them a lot.
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    For Parents Am I overreacting?

    I'm so disgusted that there are such horrendous, insensitive and rude parents in the world. I'm sorry your dd didn't make states this year.....big hugs to her and I personally hope she has a killer next season. Although the bags were a nice gesture, to hand them out in front of your girl is...
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    The Big Little Things in Life

    So awesome!! hubby got to see dd first fly away and he still raves about it. Tons of congratulations your way!!!!!
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    Wedding Guest List

    Not sure on who you should or shouldn't invite but congratulations!!!:)
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    For Parents How to help her deal with the pressure?

    You and your dd have such a positive outlook....we can all learn from the two of you. Thank you for sharing your story!! Her positive attitude will get her so far in the tough world.
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    For Parents Quitting?

    So happy to read your dd is sticking with the sport she loves and good for you for giving your dd a healthy gym environment.
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    A new chapter in the journey of Puma Jr:USAIGC

    Right back at you Mrs. Puma....Thank you for the kind words and for giving us the insight to the wonderful journey your DD has been experiencing.
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    For Parents Need to vent

    Hugs your way and to your dd. My DD coach once told me more meets equals more confidence. I hope dd has a good rest of the season.
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