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Recent content by momof2gymgirls

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    For Parents Kip fairy is out making rounds

    Congrats to your dd! Sounds like she is on a roll! Can you also send the bar fairy over here? DD is sooo close to getting her kip and she really wants to get it before the season starts.
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    For Parents Meet report...little DD

    Congrats to your dd!! Sounds like she is not going to let anything stand in her way! :)
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    For Parents Shameless brag . . good night

    Great job Jess!! She did awesome!
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    For Parents 9.75:) Wow.... Madi's floor score today

    Congrats Madi those are great scores!! I cant wait to see the video!
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    For Parents Banned From Meets

    How sweet that Dad got to watch her do so well! Love the part about him buying her the pin too! Congrats to you, Beetle and your dh!!
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    For Parents Do you do gymnastics all summer?

    Our gym has both rec classes and team practices during the summer. They take a couple weeks off but that is all. The girls that are going to get moved up usually move up then, so that they can start learning all the new routines during the summer.
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    For Parents OMG!!! L4 Boys NorCal State Champ!!???

    OMG that is awesome!! Congrats to your son! I agree brag away - you totally deserve it!
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    For Parents Too much too young?

    Im so glad that your talk went so well! It sounds like both you and the head coach are of the same thought regarding your daughter's training now.
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    For Parents Meet results...

    Congrats to your dd for her great floor score! Best of luck this weekend at her next meet!
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    For Parents ...and now...i'm almost speechless. thoughts?

    I dont think I would be offended either. It sounds like the gym your dd is currently in is not as competitive as some gyms are and Im sure the coaches realize this and know that you dd would be better off in a gym that can train and compete at higher levels. Is your dd level 3 yet? If so I...
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    For Parents POLL: What type of school does your gymnast attend?

    Currently my daughter is in preschool, but when she goes to Kindergarten next year she will go to a public school. We are really lucky to be in one of the top public school districts in NY state so I never really considered a private school. Im worried about making sure that she has enough time...
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    For Parents She ate the beam and some mats for lunch.

    Ouch! Poor dd. Im glad that her arm is feeling better today! Beam burn hurts and it looks so painful. The only time my dd got it (so far) was when she was doing a back walkover on beam too. I know get so nervous whenever she does one. How brave of your daughter to go right back out there and try...
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    For Parents DD got her cartwheel on the low beam!

    Congrats to your dd! Sounds like she is going to be doing back handsprings all over the place pretty soon too! :)
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    For Parents DD's first Level 3 Meet of Season (2/1/09)

    She did great!! I agree that she looks ready for level 4!
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    For Parents A sneak peek into dd's Level 4 routines

    Olivia is doing great!! Looks like she will be more than ready when her meet season starts! :)